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Inevitable like ants


All fun and giggles he nodded to happy families on their way to the beach, but he never really noticed them.  His rapt attention was focused elsewhere.  Lost, upset, or just curious it didn’t matter much to him so long as they were alone.  He could wait… till the right one appeared.  It was inevitable like ants at this “teddy bear’s picnic”

This bit of flash fiction was written based on a prompt from Julia over at 100WCGU.  Hope its not too creepy, but I’ve been watching a lot of crime drama so…  Hope you enjoy!


I shut my eyes against the warm orange glow of the candle I just light.  I remember eating cinnamon and sugar apple slices, playing games of pool, and gardening.  His kind eyes and easy smile.  How big he seemed to me then.  My tears sizzle in the wick’s flame and I inhale a shaky breath.  I need to remember the memories I tell myself… as I prepare to say goodbye.


Just last week I lost my adopted Grandpa, Lloyd.  I loved that my neighbors treated me like their very own grandchild, and I loved them. Losing him is like losing a part of my childhood.  I will always remember you Grandpa Lloyd and what you meant to me!

Okay now on to something less weepy.  Like this prompt!  This is a fabulous prompt from Julia over at 100 word challenge for grown ups, here is the link.
Be sure to head over there to read the rest of the flash fictions using this prompt.

A lifetime of night

As I rose in the dark a small part of me felt relief.  The dark was… familiar by now, almost comforting.  A lifetime of night had left me always drawing back from the light, in fear, rather than inching forward, but my family could never know that.

“I wish it would have worked darling, I want you to truly see me.”

I smile my crooked smile in response unable to say the truth, I do not want to see you in that way, because, “I’ve always truly seen your heart dear, and that’s more then enough for me.”


As seen on curtishallblog.com

This is a 100 word challenge for grown ups (100WCGU).  The prompt is …as I rose in the dark…

You get 100 words plus the prompt.  To submit your own take on the prompt follow this link.



As seen on Pinterest / All rights to owner

The crisp air steamed above the fine porcelain in delicate curls as Lena raised her cup.  Pausing, she inhaled the warmth rather than blowing it away, savoring the spicy aroma of her tea.  Face half hidden behind the rim Lena watched the morning pass by, wearily, with cocked eyebrow.  To the world she might be an enigma, but beneath her air of mystery was the smile, which while slightly less than demure was Lena’s alone. 


Here’s to smiling over secrets and slyly drinking piping hot coffee, tea, or chocolate 😀


This is a 100 word challenge with the prompt …the smile…
The challenge is open till Sunday.  Follow the link to leave your flash fiction or just to enjoy what others have written


The flash of the red lights and the feedback from an ancient PA system filled the small windowless room Jane waited in with 20 or so strangers.

“At our signal please prepare yourselves.”

The disembodied voice, harsh and metallic, cut away as suddenly as it had began.  There was no useful information to be gleaned, but still Jane found herself asking the nearest stranger.  “Prepare ourselves for what?”

“Hell if I know,” he replied with a shrug.

“But what’s the prompt?”

Jane never heard his answer, and as she moved towards a bright light she guessed it wouldn’t have mattered even if she had.


All rights to owner

This is a one hundred word challenge for grown ups prompt.  You get 100 words plus the prompt…but what’s the prompt…you have until the 29th.

Thanks to Julia at 100WCGU


When the night demons visit…

They light bonfires which bind the eyes and lengthen the shadows.

They cackle and chant over cracked bones and things better left unnamed.

And as the world waits…

The creatures of the dark start their stirring while the ones in the deep strain to hear their master’s words.

But fear not sweet child…

For  when the night demons visit the dream riders rally.

And they carry quivers filled with hope, swords gleaming with wonder, and war horns that sound of peace.

So sleep deep and easy my sweetling you are well looked after.


All right to owner. As seen on bloodycuts.co.uk

Not sure if this would reassure a child or freak them out more *shrug* But I hope you liked it. I was trying to take a nursery rhyme approach, although this rings of the Brothers Grimm more so than of Mother Goose 🙂

This is a 100 word challenge for grown ups (100WCGU) prompt.

The rules were: no more than 100 words plus the 5 word prompt when the night demons visit

For more info or works of flash fiction using this prompt click here.



The Trevi Fountain, St. Peter's Square All rights to owner

She closed her eyes tight, and held her breath. In her mind’s eye Lexi saw the hand in hand strolls, the reddish-orange of sunrise over the rim of demitasses, and the tiny champagne bubbles just after a wedding toast. A wet plunk called her from her memories. Lexi turned and looked for the coin she had just tossed into the fountain blinking away her tears. If only we had tossed the last one in together, she thought, maybe Tim would be here too. Lexi never saw, but as the sun sparkled on the water a heads up silver dollar flashed…and for a second he was.


This piece of flash fiction is based off a prompt on 100 word challenge for adults. Follow the link for the prompt and guidelines.


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