So, if you are curious about who I am, and to be honest I think this might be a bit of a stretch after all we have only just met.  Let me beat you to the punch.  I am a graduate student not in English but in Biomedical sciences perusing my PhD at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine.  While my college career has circled around science my hobbies have always been firmly rooted in the liberal arts including literature and theater (I adore musicals).  I am also a pet lover.  Currently I am the proud mother of two adorable dogs, I still call them puppies, Finnegan (Beagle) and Vayla (German Shep. mix).  I am also engaged to be married to Steve who has had the great pleasure of putting up with me for the last 11 years.  I tend toward being introverted and am the oldest of three,which should tell you all you need to know about my personality type.  Publishing a book is one of my life goals and it is my sincere hope that this blog can help me accomplish this.

I will do my best to post a section from one of my stories every weekend, maybe two if I can swing it.  Furthermore, if you prefer to follow the stories in more of a book layout check out the pages I have created for each one, I will also be opening up a page for you to share the reach out and grab you opening lines of your stories.  I know that I for one must be enthralled by the end of the first chapter to really fall for a book.  With that being said, let us let the literature lead the way at least then the journey will be one to recount.


Since starting this blog I have adopted yet another dog, a foundling from the street, graduated with my Ph.D., and moved to Boston, MA.


Holly Berry

Perhaps of more interest to you though, is that I have decided to change what I post to this blog. This site started as a place to post pieces of stories I had already written. It then merged into a place where I could challenge myself to write … anything (short stories, flash fiction, poems oh my). Now more than ever I am inspired by my surroundings. The man walking dawn the hospital corridor, the lady humming hymns on the MBTA, and the panhandlers all make me want to write. Also the waiting, oh god the waiting, gives me time to read (thank you, I guess- in a weird way- to my 3 to 4 hours of daily commute time). So … now I think I will write what I see and review what I read. Ah the life of a research fellow: science by day, the arts from dusk till dawn, and sleep well maybe when I die 😉 but at least I’m living my life.

As I said when I started this site years ago “let us let the literature lead the way at least then the journey will be one to recount.”