When the night demons visit…

They light bonfires which bind the eyes and lengthen the shadows.

They cackle and chant over cracked bones and things better left unnamed.

And as the world waits…

The creatures of the dark start their stirring while the ones in the deep strain to hear their master’s words.

But fear not sweet child…

For  when the night demons visit the dream riders rally.

And they carry quivers filled with hope, swords gleaming with wonder, and war horns that sound of peace.

So sleep deep and easy my sweetling you are well looked after.


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Not sure if this would reassure a child or freak them out more *shrug* But I hope you liked it. I was trying to take a nursery rhyme approach, although this rings of the Brothers Grimm more so than of Mother Goose 🙂

This is a 100 word challenge for grown ups (100WCGU) prompt.

The rules were: no more than 100 words plus the 5 word prompt when the night demons visit

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