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Swan Song

Thank you to everyone who read a post, tweet, or story. It ment the world to me. You allowed me to be the person I wish I was; strong, opinoiated, brave, outspoken, and whole. You gave me a community when I felt so very isolated and a soapbox to reach out across the globe. I have made friends and connections that I would never have dreamed possible, but mostly being this version of myself helped me live with who I really am. I am a coward. I am weak, broken, and easily manipulated. I cannot lie to you or myself anymore so I am bowing out. It comes with tears, I am sure there will be a void where Jess aka b00kreader existed within me, but I cannot be this person so I have to let her go. Please do not feel I have lied about everything because I haven’t my name is Jessica, I went to grad school in South Carolina, and I am a postdoc at DFCI, but I am tired and beat down not scrappy and hungry. The part of me that is so ashamed of not being the person I presented to you is still happy I tried even if it was only a virtual try. Thank you for letting me pretend with you it was amazing while it lasted!


Liebster Award: Thank you


Littleonionwrites was kind enough to nominate me for this award, thank you for the virtual shout out.  If you haven’t found her blog yet let me assure you it is worth checking out; she’s got HP fanfic, book reviews, and music playlists…oh my 😀 !

This is an award to help bloggers discover new blogs as such it is given to those with less than 300 followers as an opportunity for readers to learn more about them.

Here are the rules should you choose to accept the award:

*List 11 facts about yourself.
*Answer the 11 questions asked by whoever nominated you.
*Ask 11 new questions to 9 bloggers with less than 300 followers.

~You cannot re-nominate the blog that nominated you.
~Go to their blog and tell them that they have been nominated!


I) I am a huge fan of Halloween and homemade costumes!


This is my house all decorated for trick'or'treaters

II) I am the oldest of three, but I completely idolize and adore my younger siblings. They are both living awesome lives that I am jealous over, at least twice a year, and they have character traits I hope to develop. 8D

III) I sing in the car with my windows down :/ Even though I am no where near pitch perfect 🙂

IV) I began my foray in to adult fiction with Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire. This caused my young adult obsession with horror fiction. Ah the good ol’ days when vampires didn’t sparkle 😉

V) My guilty pleasure reads are the H.P. Mallory book series, a New York best selling author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.


How can you not want to read these books with covers like those?

VI) I am absolutely addicted to musicals, currently I am obsessed with Sweeney Todd and Once:)

VII) I have a huge sweet tooth! When I travel I am all about dessert not drinks.


Tart a la bouille

VIII) When I find the time I enjoy sewing. My next project is making boxer style shorts out of minky dots, perhaps the softest fabric ever 😀

IX) I love owls! I know weird right? They decorate my mugs, tote bags, and hang from my review mirror.

X) I want to go to a big convention and try Cos Play. My costume choice would be a keeper from Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Dark over series 🙂 Major kudos to those of you out there who actually know what that means!

XI) If I should ever get to publish my stories it will be under a pseudonym.


1. Do you have a favorite decade for music? Do you enjoy today’s music?

Well, right now I’m really into the music of the 60s (think Beach Boys). I cannot really explain it but these songs just put me in the mood for summer 8D. Music right now is hit or miss in my opinion. I have a few current songs in my play list (Sara Bareilles, Green Day, Florence + the Machine), but I am completely head over heels for Pentatonix! If you haven’t heard of them check them out, they are an a Capella group that won season 3 of The SingOff.

2. What is the first electronic you received/bought?

Does my Playskool record player count? It was adjustable so I could play 45s or 78s, and had a speed switch which was fun to mess with as well.

3. What do you think is the best post you’ve written?

Hard one! Okay my choice is The Hunt. I love this post! The picture I found to go with it, the back and forth of the characters, and what I hope is a twist at the end. However, it is not the post which drew the most likes or views. If you get a chance check it out I hope you like it 🙂

4. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed with too much stuff to do?

Oooo…this is a good question, and my answer is sooo telling. I escape! I will clean, watch movies, read books, anything to stop me from starting, what I imagine to be an insurmountable, task list. I do however try to head that off by setting goals on a weekly bases. I don’t always reach them, but without the goal I wouldn’t even get close 😉

5. What are your favorite books/foods/music at the moment?

I am currently reading book 5 in the a song of ice and fire saga (A Dance with Dragons), and loving it though I wish I would have read it closer to finishing book 4. I am currently working on my first author journal articles, I am a PhD student studying autoimmune disease, so I live off chi tea lattes (for caffeine) and listen to 1000 times by Sara Bareilles. I love to bake though so the best thing I made recently was brioche french toast with sweetened whip cream and strawberries.

6. Did you ever have a bad habit that you overcame? (Mine was biting my nails!)

I curse too much, but I haven’t fixed that yet :/

7. If time machines were created, what year would you travel to? Why?

1863, for the Gettysburg Address, and then 1920, for the 19th amendment. Though I would have also been intrigued by the shenanigans associated with prohibition 🙂

8. What was the first social networking site you joined?

Twitter, though I rarely tweet. I am also on LinkedIn for networking, and Pintrest for party and meal planning.

9. What is your biggest pet peeve?

I loathe bad drivers! Where I live right now, South Carolina, people are terrible at driving, ranked No 2 on CarInsuranceComparison.com’s list. Come on people turn signals are not just decorations! 😦

10. What book have you read that, upon finishing the book, you thought, “This had potential, but there were a lot of things I would change”?

Fifty shades darker! Every time I thought there was going to be an actual moment of plot development, it turned out to be just a transitional scene to more sex. Give it a rest already, someone’s got to be sore 😉

11. What is your favorite Internet radio app? (I’m in love with Spotify!)

I’m fairly old school I guess I just use Pandora. Though I hate the commercial breaks.

Nominated Blogs:

Brianne Writes

Jennifer Windram

Questions for nominated blogs:

A. What do you love/hate the most about blogging?
B. Which literary character do you resonate the most with, and why?
C. Which book would you love to see made into a film?
D. What hobbies do you enjoy, outside of blogging?
E. What is the most beautiful picture you have ever taken? Why do you like that one the most?
F. If forced, what song would you sing karaoke style?
G. What is your favorite rainy day activity? (Mine is baking cookies and reading)
H. What post do you wish more people would have read?
I. What book/movie/song could you read/watch/listen to over and over again?
J. How has blogging changed you or your day to day routines?
K. What is your favorite taboo topic of discussion? (Mine is religion, I always what to know what people believe and why :/ )

Sunshine Award Nomination

The wonderful Jennifer Windram has made my day by including me in the Sunshine Award.  So first things first…thank you so much Jennifer for adding me to your list of recipients!  If you haven’t checked out Jennifer’s blog please do I personally love her Libby the Vampire posts.  I am not sure how much sunshine I bring to the blogosphere but I’m grateful for the nod regardless.

Now to accept I must share ten facts about myself and then nominate up to ten blogs for the award.

1). I am huge Halloween buff!  As such I went as an airship captain this year.

2). I am a huge fan of Pentatonix!  They are the season three winners of the Sing off, and their latest album was just released this week.

3). I must finish every movie I start.  Yes, even the horrible ones.  While I have walked out of a movie theater I later had to watch the movie just to know what happened.

4). If I could bake and ingest fresh sweets on a daily basis I would!  I have a major sweet tooth and I love trying new recipes.

5). I’m in the fifth year of my Ph.D which means I’m losing my mind 🙂

6). The furthest I have ever traveled is Hawai’i.  I went this year for a conference the long flight was well worth it.

7).  I re-read every Harry Potter book when the new one was released.  Please don’t do the math I was in college when I got into the series and I love them still!

8). I am a cry-er.  Movies, books, and TV shows all have the ability to reduce me to a puddle of tears.  My mom always teased me about Snoopy come home and how sad it made me when I was little.

9). Right now I am obsessed with American Horror Story.  I have watched all of season one, two, and am keeping up-to-date in season three.  If you haven’t seen it yet let me just say it is crazy!!!

10). If I ever get the chance to publish any if my works of fiction it will be under the pen name Odis Acissej. 

Hope those tidbits were interesting enough, I’m fairly boring.

Now my nominations:
Jenya Grace
Sophie Brown
Written words never die
300 stories

Okay, so here are the rules:

1. Use the Sunshine Award logo in the post.

2. Link to whoever nominated you.

3. Write ten pieces of information about yourself.

4. Nominate up to ten fellow bloggers, “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”.

5. Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award

Thanks and have fun!


All eyes turned to me expectant and doubtful in the firelight.  I had been unable to stop myself, but after being regaled for over an hour with the old standbys, including the man with the hook, who has my golden arm, etc, who could blame me.  I more than any of my, slightly drunken, peers knew the meaning of story telling especially in a group and circled round a fire.  So, I stopped the noisy prattle with a sentence, “I bet I know one you’ve never heard before,” and I did, lots of them.  However, as my grandmother was always want to remind me, “Each gathering has a story waiting to be told, Dianna, you cannot just pick one at random.  If your gifted enough, listen closely enough, the story picks you.”

In the collectively held breath of my captive audience I heard a flutter of wings and the sharp cackle of a crow as a small shadow darker than night rested in a nearby tree.

“So be it.

Many years ago when the woods still teemed with the unknown, and most decent folk feared the dark. A terrible disease ravaged the countryside. The superstitious blamed a small family, the Brenns, who had moved into town as the epidemic claimed its first life. For as time went on the small family survived while the rest of the town burned funeral pyers.

On the same day the Brenns announced the betrothal of their only daughter, Merla, the last child succumbed to disease in the town. Spurred on by fear and resentment the town people rose up and attacked all the merry makers at the family’s celebration. However, Merla was saved by hiding in the branches of the rowan tree in the woods off their property. In one day she had lost everything to the epidemic, her family and her beloved.

For fear of her life the girl hid in the branches till night fall, and then buried her family at the base of her tree. For 100 days and nights the Merla wept upon those graves, and all the while the towns people searched for the girl believing that once the family line was broken the curse of the disease would be lifted. However, while the girl was never sighted among the shadows in the branches all were haunted nightly by her keening.

As the sun set on the 100th day Merla opened her eyes to the sound of laughter. Weary of a trick she climbed lower to get a better look, and saw much to her surprise her family sitting as if for a picnic among a garden of bleeding heart and white chrysanthemum flowers. She quickly joined them, and the family spent the night laughing with no pain of loss to separate them. They were so engrossed in their reunion that the Brenns did not hear the towns folk creeping ever closer. The people were drawn forward to the point where the unearthly sounds of mourning had been replaced with joy, but fear held them from entering the woods till dawn was nearly upon them.

In time with the starting day both the people of the town and the sunlight pierced the shadows below the rowan tree simultaneously. In the light the Brenns family withered away like dew drying upon a meadow. Merla stood with tears streaming and decided she would never run again. With a single heart wrenching sob she threw her arms wide and dissolved into a mass of black wings. In the light of the new day the girl no longer hid among the branches rather 100 crows littered the tree and filled it with their cawing lament.

Something more than disease had taken hold of the town as the crows kept them from rest all day and the family picnic kept them from sleep all night, and so the town folk faded away.

None now live near The Blackbird Woods for it and its inhabitants remember when not so long ago decent folk turned dark.”

Dianna paused taking in the open mouths and confused glances. Her tale had not been scary in the most conventional sense of the word, but she supposed that at least a few of them were recalling, through their drunken fog, that Dianna Brenn was one of the people their mothers had warned them against.

~Reader Note~

Yeah, I have made it to 100 followers thank you for reading and commenting! I hope that I have given you something that at the very least was entertaining, and I hope you liked it enough to continue with me on this literary journey.

Happy reading

You Are Not Forgotten

As I walked on hallowed ground sanctified by the blood of brave men.  I thought of sacrifice.

As I read the names of the fallen and their brother’s in arms laid to rest with them after the fact.  I was struck by a profound sense of loyalty.

As our national anthem was sung by a lone voice, giving what it could give.  I was filled with pride.

And as the stars and stripes snapped in the wind I heard freedom.

     ~My thanks and gratitude to those men and women past, present, and future who do what I cannot. 


The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Little Onion!  I am so excited to add my name to the list of wonderful blogs that have been nominated for this award.


The Versatile Blogger Award acceptance rules:

1). Thank the person who nominated you
2). Link back to their blog
3). Nominate up to 15 people for the award (let them know they have been nominated)
4). Share seven things about yourself

So…if your reading this please stop by littleonionwrites

I am nominating
  Adam Drake
Julia’s Place
Tiffini Johnson
Don’t Bother
Jeyna Grace

Seven things you don’t know about me:
I could watch Sweeney Todd weekly till the day I die and never get bored of it.
I am a complete chocoholic.
Green is my favorite color.
I consider myself a feminist yet still strive to cook like Betty Crocker.
I have always wanted to live in New York City.
I am never more conflicted than when I come to the end of a book series.
If I don’t read fiction I run out of dreams.

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