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All eyes turned to me expectant and doubtful in the firelight.  I had been unable to stop myself, but after being regaled for over an hour with the old standbys, including the man with the hook, who has my golden arm, etc, who could blame me.  I more than any of my, slightly drunken, peers knew the meaning of story telling especially in a group and circled round a fire.  So, I stopped the noisy prattle with a sentence, “I bet I know one you’ve never heard before,” and I did, lots of them.  However, as my grandmother was always want to remind me, “Each gathering has a story waiting to be told, Dianna, you cannot just pick one at random.  If your gifted enough, listen closely enough, the story picks you.”

In the collectively held breath of my captive audience I heard a flutter of wings and the sharp cackle of a crow as a small shadow darker than night rested in a nearby tree.

“So be it.

Many years ago when the woods still teemed with the unknown, and most decent folk feared the dark. A terrible disease ravaged the countryside. The superstitious blamed a small family, the Brenns, who had moved into town as the epidemic claimed its first life. For as time went on the small family survived while the rest of the town burned funeral pyers.

On the same day the Brenns announced the betrothal of their only daughter, Merla, the last child succumbed to disease in the town. Spurred on by fear and resentment the town people rose up and attacked all the merry makers at the family’s celebration. However, Merla was saved by hiding in the branches of the rowan tree in the woods off their property. In one day she had lost everything to the epidemic, her family and her beloved.

For fear of her life the girl hid in the branches till night fall, and then buried her family at the base of her tree. For 100 days and nights the Merla wept upon those graves, and all the while the towns people searched for the girl believing that once the family line was broken the curse of the disease would be lifted. However, while the girl was never sighted among the shadows in the branches all were haunted nightly by her keening.

As the sun set on the 100th day Merla opened her eyes to the sound of laughter. Weary of a trick she climbed lower to get a better look, and saw much to her surprise her family sitting as if for a picnic among a garden of bleeding heart and white chrysanthemum flowers. She quickly joined them, and the family spent the night laughing with no pain of loss to separate them. They were so engrossed in their reunion that the Brenns did not hear the towns folk creeping ever closer. The people were drawn forward to the point where the unearthly sounds of mourning had been replaced with joy, but fear held them from entering the woods till dawn was nearly upon them.

In time with the starting day both the people of the town and the sunlight pierced the shadows below the rowan tree simultaneously. In the light the Brenns family withered away like dew drying upon a meadow. Merla stood with tears streaming and decided she would never run again. With a single heart wrenching sob she threw her arms wide and dissolved into a mass of black wings. In the light of the new day the girl no longer hid among the branches rather 100 crows littered the tree and filled it with their cawing lament.

Something more than disease had taken hold of the town as the crows kept them from rest all day and the family picnic kept them from sleep all night, and so the town folk faded away.

None now live near The Blackbird Woods for it and its inhabitants remember when not so long ago decent folk turned dark.”

Dianna paused taking in the open mouths and confused glances. Her tale had not been scary in the most conventional sense of the word, but she supposed that at least a few of them were recalling, through their drunken fog, that Dianna Brenn was one of the people their mothers had warned them against.

~Reader Note~

Yeah, I have made it to 100 followers thank you for reading and commenting! I hope that I have given you something that at the very least was entertaining, and I hope you liked it enough to continue with me on this literary journey.

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Leaving the Memories

Toby blinked in the gloom, as if awaking from a dream.  Even in the shifting light of the large wood burning oven the liquid pooling ever closer to his feet sparkled ruby red.  His head snapped back quickly at the sound of a tremendous amount of ash falling as the contents of the oven settled.  As the fire licked through the grill on the door light flashed from his closed fist.  Toby glanced down almost surprised to see that he still clutched the silver blade.

He opened his hand and really looked at it; it was the most decorative one he had ever seen, long though not as heavy as it looked, and warm.  As if the thought had burned him Toby gasped and let it clatter to the stone floor.  Shaking his head he started for the stairs his shoes squelching with every step.

Deep red marked his progress through the house where he snatched the coppers and gin he saw on the way to the shop.  Toby paused and debated going upstairs, but the thought made his stomach roll so he walked to the door instead. 

Toby crossed to the corner and glanced over his shoulder, “I thought the good Lord sent you to me,” he said to no one.  Looking straight ahead he walked brushing a tear from his eye, telling himself it was the stench in the smoke nothing else, as he put the memories of Fleet Street behind him.

Monster Chew

It was everything candy should be; eye catching colorful packaging, fun name, and it came in a variety of fruity flavors like Grapeula, Frankenlime, and Zomberry.  With it being only weeks till Halloween no commercial campaign was necessary just well placed cardboard displays at store fronts and Monster Chew bubble gum was sure to be a hit this holiday season.  So it was no surprise that Katie and her best friend Brittney, from Sacred Hearts Academy, were mesmerized as soon as they entered the ShopQuick.  Katie’s favorite color was blue and as such she was immediately drawn to the gum with the pale blue ghostly specter with the curious flavor of Boosenberry, while Brittney picked up the one sporting a hot pink witch.

“Which one are you getting Kate,” Brittney asked as she started walking to the counter.

Katie fallowed her looking longingly over her shoulder at the comic book bubble showing the price, “I can’t get one, I spent my extra lunch money on that Carmel apple today,” she said kicking at a nonexistent dust bunny.

“I’ll share some with you,” Brittney said while they walked out the door.  She made a big show of opening up the foil pack and sniffing to see if it would really taste like the name suggested, but then she paused.  “I don’t think we can share this,”  Brittney said shaking a small amount into her palm.  It was powder.

“How is it gum?”

But Brittney was reading the back of the package and ignoring her as they continued on their walk back home.  Then out of nowhere, “Okay, it says here that it works like magic.  Just pour the powder in your mouth and start chewing, add more powder to intensify flavor, and get this it say at the end of every bag is a magical surprise.”

“A what?  There’s no room for a surprise you would see it or feel it through the bag.”

“It probably just paints your tongue, or switches flavors or something,” Brittney said all garbled.  Sure enough she was licking the powder off her fingers and then dumping more in after.

“Brit, you look ridiculous trying to turn that powder into gum.  Maybe the surprise is lockjaw,” Katie said striving to be humorous while still feeling rather jealous.  Brittney just waved her off and continued down the street to her house.

Throwing her book bag on the bed Katie looked into the mirror and promised herself that even if she went without lunch next Friday she was going to stop first thing Monday morning and buy some Monster Chew.
Staring at her phone and willing it to ring Katie debated her options; she could go with her family to a cousin’s football game, stay home and watch movies by her self, or call Brittney even though she was supposed to call her.  Desperate to avoid the game she dialed, and was greeting by, “Chom, chom, chom…yeah.”

“Britt?  Um…did you want to come over and rent a movie or something?”

“Can’t, chom, chom, chom.”

“What, why?  What is that sound?”

“Chom, chom, chom, haven’t gotten to the surprise yet.”

“How much gum are you chewing, I think I can actually hear you chewing that powder.”

“Gotta go, chom, chom, chom, talk later.”

Katie sat there staring at the phone listening to dial tone. 
Laying in bed Katie stared at the ceiling and thought about what had happened at the game.  All night long she had heard that awful chewing sound as everyone seemed to be trying out Monster Chew, but on her way to the concession stand to buy some, for her and her brother to share, she had seen what looked like boy with a greenish tint to his skin sitting in the shadow of the marry-go-round tearing through a bag like an animal.  Even though Katie was sure she hadn’t seen what she thought she saw it decided her against the stuff.  As the game wore on all the chewing sounds went away with all the children to the poorly light playground, and while that concerned Katie her mother didn’t even seem to notice.  So here she was worried about her friend for no reason.  I mean gum can’t hurt people you don’t even swallow it, Katie thought to her self as the sound of shattering glass rang through the night.

She jumped out of bed and ran to her window barely brave enough to peak through the blinds.  Huge dark things were prowling the street smashing into cars and houses alike, but it wasn’t until one stood beneath the light at the end of their driveway that terror truly set in.  Before her very own eyes stood a large, hairy, snarling werewolf.  Katie gasped and slowly back away from the window unsure what to do next.  When her door swung opened she screamed, but it was only her mother and brother, “Watch him Kate.  Stay here and hide do not come out for any reason, I’ll come back for you.”. Then she was gone?

The smashing sounds were getting closer.  The closet wasn’t deep enough to be a good hiding spot and under the bed was an obvious choice, but nowhere else would fit them both.  So it was under the bed pressed back against the wall that the two clung to each other when she heard it.

Chom, chom, chom.  Then the front door splintered inward.

Chom, chom, chom as the monsters made their way down the hall.

Katie clasped a hand over her own mouth as well as her brother’s as her door slammed open, ricocheting off her foot board.  From under the pink dust ruffle Katie could see only feet as the things from nightmares entered her room, and hear only the pounding of her heart which seem to beat in time to the chewing.

Chom, chom, chom…

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