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Shrieking Shack as seen on harrypotter.wikia.com

Remus sat but couldn’t meet the Headmaster’s eyes as he admitted what he perceived to be his greatest sin, “I can’t control it.”

“My dear boy, it happened to you, and therefore was out of your control. However, there are still aspects we can control.”

Remus finally lifted his head, but the hope in his eyes was tempered with doubt, “What parts can I control,” he asked.

Dumbledore steepled his fingers as he leaned in, “Ah, a very astute question, which I am afraid I must answer with another question. What parts are there?” He waited unsure what the boy would say, afraid of the prejudice and hate that might pour forth.

Remus looked down thoughtfully for a moment before answering the Headmaster. “Well…it lasts for all three days of the full moon when darkness falls, I cannot be around anyone when it happens, the wounds never fully heal, it is always inside me trying to get out, it will never go away and I will always be different because of it.” When he stopped reciting the litany of offences his father reminded him of during each full moon he was out of breath and trembling with anger, “and it hurts.”

Albus had closed his eyes at the fourth statement, but with the final one they shot open. “Remus, do you know why you are here?”

“Because I am dangerous.”

“No, no at Hogwarts.”

“Oh…no not really.”

“It is because you are a gifted young wizard, and though you suffer from lycanthropy you deserve the same education as any other 11year old witch or wizard. You may have an illness, but it does not have to define you.” With his last few words the Headmaster’s eyes took on a faraway look. Then as if a silent alarm had sounded he was back. “Location, location can be controlled.”


It sounded so simple. Just stay put. How hard could that be the calm cool intellectual side of his brain said, but the much louder emotional side screamed counting off the impossibilities. Control didn’t exist when the full moon rose, thought focused to a fine point centered on flesh and blood, and movement was unavoidable.

Remus looked at the boarded up window and trembled with a teeth chattering shiver of terror. The flimsy 2×4’s seemed pitiful, not even dense enough to keep out the last ruddy rays of sunset. How can they possible keep me in he thought as he laid his hand gingerly against them. Moving from room to room Remus saw nothing to bolster his confidence. Apparently in his great wisdom the Headmaster had decided to lock a werewolf into a broken down old shack just off school grounds.

Remus screwed up his face in an attempt not to cry as fear rolled off him in near tangible waves.

“What if I hurt someone,” Remus asked of the silent house half hoping that the Headmaster was lurking just out of sight. To his dismay no one answered. He sunk to the floor wishing that he could erase the memory of his fathers final words at platform 9¾. “They think that you can go to Hogwarts huh? That Dumbledore must be as crazy as he is brilliant. I tell you what Remus, go. Get as much out of it as you can, because the second they come to their senses, the first time that full moon rolls, around they are going to wash they’re hands of you.” But even more Remus wished that his father had lied to him.


A pair of glittering green eyes observed the child in his prone position heaped in the corner of the well worn room. The owner of the eyes had only a split second to make the same assessment as Remus before it began. The child’s unseeing eyes grew into solid black orbs which rolled in their sockets. His breathing quickened and hitched as the painful distortion of human bone to canine occurred. The boy’s skin rippled and boiled as fur erupted in continuous tufts, and all the while he shrieked and howled in pain. The green eyes blinked just once before Remus threw himself at the boarded up window. However, no crashing sounds of splintering wood filled the night.

At the first light of dawn only the broken boy was left in the wake of the wolf’s damage. He lay covered with bite marks and openly weeping wounds. With a slight wooshing sound the ever watchful green eyes appeared once more behind Professor McGonagall’s trademark square wire rimmed spectacles aghast at the revelations the night had brought.


I hope there are a few of my readers still interested in what I post. Though after a nearly month long hiatus I fully understand if I have lost your attention. The first parts of this story can be found here if you are so inclined.

I lost my ‘voice’. It isn’t an excuse but it is the truth. I sat down to write and couldn’t. This freaked me out and scared me away a childish approach to trouble shooting i suposse. Let me just say it sucked to say the least. While this post might not be gold hopefully it will be just the first of many more to come.

Happy new year to you all!

Here’s to a year free from writers block 🙂


Lily Evans fan art http://www.fanpop.com

After pretending to be asleep for the next four hours Remus gave up, threw on his rumpled robes which had remained in a heap on the floor, and hurried out of the tower.  It was so early in the morning that the paintings refused to help with directions sleepily waving Remus away with one or two harsh words peppered in for good measure.  This, of course, meant that by the time Remus actually reached the Great Hall most of the grey predawn light had shifted to the pale yellow of sunrise.  Still with it being a Sunday the tables were mostly empty.

Remus walked towards the empty middle section of the massive Gryffindor table his stomach trembling at the sight of the bubble and squeak filling a large pewter platter.  Sitting down heavily Remus immediately tucked into a very large portion, and lost in the rhythm of eating neglected to notice when he had company.

“I hope your not attempting to eat it all, because I heard a rumor these dishes are bottomless.”

Remus startled so badly that potato and roast from his fork landed at the far end of the table.

Lilly’s smile faltered as she noticed the bruised look around his eyes, “I didn’t mean to frighten you,” she apologised.

“Lilly, its just…I just didn’t sleep well,” Remus stammered as way of explanation looking at the floor shaking his head.

“Well do you mind shoving over a bit?  Every where else is full.”  Her serious face cracked into a huge grin as Remus looked around confused.  “Remus,” she laughed while swatting at him, “you must stop being so serious, it is the weekend you know?”

“You remembered,” Remus said true surprise coloring his words.

“Well yeah,” Lilly said slightly hurt, “I wouldn’t forget you.”

The words transformed the sad lonely boy’s face which now smiled a genuine smile. 

While the two ate in amicable silence only interrupted by the occasional off hand question or comment Remus felt himself relaxing. By the time he had eaten his way through two full plates, a slice of toast and jam, and a glass and a half of pumpkin juice Remus was almost happy, the nightmare nearly forgotten. Then Lily’s green eyes went wide in silent O’s of surprise. An itchy sensation between his shoulder blades told Remus that someone was standing right behind him, staring.

“Can I help you…,” Remus started obvious annoyance lacing his words as he turned to face the interloper, “ma’am” he finished lamely.

“Oh I’m sorry, are you busy Mr. Lupin,” the toe tapping visage of Professor McGonagall asked, ” have I interrupted, perhaps, your third plate of bubble and squeak?”

Remus could feel Lily pulling back and sitting up straighter in her desperate need to escape the tricky situation without notice, not that he could blame her. Watching a friend get punished for cheek was not high up on his list of fun things to do.

“I…um,” Remus stammered.

“A word please,” Professor McGonagall said while motioning towards the door, “in my office Mr. Lupin. Good day Miss Evans.”

Remus was able to shoot off one shrug in answer to Lily’s quizzical expression before he was steered out the door and around the corner.


Professor McGonagall’s office was in a word meticulous. The spines of the books on her many bookshelves were perfectly inline, the tasteful furnishings, while sparse, were arranged in such a way that Remus had a hunch rulers had been involved, and there was not a speck of dust to be found. However, with the tapestries hanging on the wall and a fire happily crackling upon the hearth the room had a certain hominess to it as well.

“Sit Lupin this will only take a moment, I should think”

The look in Professor McGonagall’s eyes was not unkind Remus thought to himself as he sat down it was more calculating than anything he determined, as if she was making her mind up about him. “Yes Professor,” he asked as calmly as he could, “is there a problem?”

“Only time will tell Mr. Lupin,” McGonagall said while looking over her wire rimed spectacles at Remus. “Until then we shall have to place our trust in Albus that no there are no problems nor will there be. I have my concerns, but we will see.”

Her honesty hit Remus like cold water, and as such he sucked in his breath and braced himself for what would come next.

“You were up quite early this morning and from what I could see quite distraught, are you alright?” She paused looking at him intent worry wrinkling her brow. Unsure how to react Remus met her with a wall of silence. “Let me try again,” she said this time looking at Remus through her glasses, “you may or may not be a threat to others, but you most certainly are a danger to yourself. So…you can take my help or not Remus, my offer stands regardless.” Professor McGonagall then sat back and pulled a parchment from her long emerald sleeve tapping it against her empty hand waiting.

“I have dreams,” he admitted to one of her bookcases, “nightmares really. About the night it happened, and always right before the moon.”

“I see. The next time this happens please go directly to the hospital wing Miss Pomfrey will be able to alert me right away,” McGonagall said in her most matter of fact tone. She stood indicating that the conversation was over and handed Remus the roll of parchment. “Professor Dumbledore wishes to speak with you.”

The woods ahead of him were throwing long shadows across the small field which separated his house from the trees. To him the shadows moved with sinister intent as the wind through the branches caused them to sway forward as if reaching for him. However, with a single burst of moonlight from behind a cloud the shadows disappeared causing Remus to laugh in the face of his enemy’s defeat. A branch snapped just at the edge of the tree line to his left.

“Archimedes is that you,” Remus asked the laugh still in his voice as he moved closer to the sound. “You should have been home hours ago mum made the most delicious treacle tart for dessert…”

A much louder tree shaking sound cut Remus off mid-sentence. “Archimedes did, did you find a, a friend?”

The winds picked up stirring the nearly silent woods into a symphony and causing the flickering lights in the sky to cease as the full moon could finally shine unobstructed upon the clearing. A mind piercing howl rent the night freezing Remus in place mere inches from the leading edge of the forest.

“Remus,” the panicked voice of his father sounded so small in darkness. Remus wanted very much to call out to his father, but for fear of what had made the unthinkable noise in the trees he didn’t dare. “Are you sure he’s out there? Remus!”

Remus turned his head slightly needing to see if his dad was coming any closer, but unable to lose sight completely of the woods. Without warning or reason Remus was sprinting as fast as his legs could carry him thrashing through the tall grass. Making it just five rapid steps before…

Burning erupted across his back as he was pitched forward. Remus writhed in pain, as the nightmare above him slashed and bit every square inch of skin it could reach, trying to get enough of his breath back to scream.

“H…H…HELP! Noooooo!” A loud crack followed by a flash of blue light startled Remus awake. He was twisted in sweat soaked sheets, heart racing, and breath ragged. Sitting up in bed and dashing the unshed tears from his eyes Remus realized that he had woken everyone up. More than that a dazed James was sprawled against the far wall glasses and hair more askew than usual and everything near his bead looked as if it had been blow back by a strong wind. Remus jumped out of bed and ran for the boy planning to apologize, but Sirius’ hand in the middle of his chest stopped him immediately.

“Why would you go and do that,” James asked rubbing the back of his head.

Peter still in bed with the sheets up to his chin shook his head turning his eyes from James’s prone body to Remus, “How did you do that?”

Sirius helped James up and walked him over to his bed before facing Remus again, “Yeah how did you do that?”

“I did, didn’t do anything,” Remus pleaded.

“You were asleep,” Sirius said angrily, “how did you do magic in your sleep?” With those words everyone turned to look at Remus with wide eyes waiting for an explanation.

“What were you dreaming about,” James asked with an intense look in his eyes, “I mean you woke me up. You were muttering in your sleep and clawing at your bed so I went to wake you up and then…bam. I was all buggered up against the wall like a blue tornado hit me.”

Remus turned away from their questioning looks and started to straighten all his personal items. “I don’t remember,” he lied righting his upturned chair which was holding his house robes, “just that I was running from something.” He re-stacked his school books refusing to look over his shoulder.

“Running from something, I would have guessed someone was killing you the way you were carrying on,” James said matter of factly.

The words caused Remus’ eyes to sting. He needed the safety of his blankets to hide his emanate tears, but his curtain remained helter skelter. Grabbing the corner of the curtain brought him right up to the window pane, and there in the sky, hanging low over the Black Lake waxing toward full, was the moon. “Almost,” he said to himself.

Reader Note:
So since I started this little fan fiction Pottermore has released more facts about R.J. Lupin. Including his wand information and his parent’s names. Needless to say I did not get these 100% correct in my guessing, however I shall carry on. I hope you continue to enjoy the story even if it is fraught with minor inconsistencies, though I do try to read as much as I can before posting anything. Let me know what you think and best wishes.

Though Lily had left, meaning that Remus had to eat lunch alone, nothing could shake his smile. He couldn’t remember the last time someone had chosen to sit near him or even talk with him, other than his mum. As he looked out the train window watching the green pastures darken into dense forests he cast his mind forward wondering which house would claim him. In the short conversations he had with his father on the subject they all seemed to have some merit.

As it turned out Lupin’s family had populated three of the four houses regularly. Tyrell had been in Hufflepuff, his father’s sister had made Ravenclaw, but perhaps most impressive were the wizards in the small oval frames that hung over the fireplace back home. Those pictures which had faded from black and white to grey and ivory were the most prized portraits in his house; because Giaus and Garret Lupin had been the last family members to carry Gryffindor badges. Remus recalled how his father’s eyes had shone with pride over his brave, twice removed, great uncles. So, while he wanted nothing more than to follow in his father’s footsteps, secretly he wished for Gryffindor.


Remus could hardly believe it, he had traveled by steam engine and magical boat, events that had surpassed his wildest dreams by a far margin, and finally gained access to Hogwarts. However, doubt still plagued him so as if to remind himself that he truly did belong Remus kept touching his acceptance letter, which he had neatly folded to one-eighteenth its original size and hidden in his pocket. He tried his best not to gawk, but like all first years standing below the bewitched ceiling of the great hall facing the famous Headmaster, Albums Dumbledore, for the first time was quite overwhelming. In the time it took for his mouth to dry and his eyes to burn Remus was finally able to focus his attention on the sad old hat perched upon a three-legged stool. And not a second too soon as it immediately burst into life.

“Now I many not be the typical topper,

Your commonplace cap,

Or a pompadour proper,

But with a swish and a flick,

My fine Warty friends,

I learned quite a trick.

See the founding four, witty witches and wizards all,

Saw fit to make this loquacious lid

Much more than my appearance may suggest.

So set me upon the large and the small

And let me to do what the four did bid

And place the children where I deem best.

For Ravenclaw I claim the cunning and quick,

To Slytherin I commit the resourceful and slick,

Hard workers with high morals to Hufflepuff I send,

And I give to those with daring and nerve the name of Gryffindor to tend.

So give me a try,

We can have a little chat,

For there is only one way into Hogwarts,

And it’s through me, the Sorting Hat.”

Everyone broke into a well deserved round of applause as the Sorting Hat resumed its normal hat-like state. Remus who was watching the hat very closely, lest it should spark back to life, missed the instructions Professor McGonagall gave to the first years, and therefore waited anxiously as she gently lifted the hat and magicked an unrolled parchment, which hovered at eye level.

The name, “Patricia Abner,” rang through the hall and a very worried looking girl with blonde pigtails stepped forward and sat on the stool. Then Professor McGonagall lowered the hat on to her head, not even two seconds later the hat announced “Hufflepuff” with a dramatic flare, and the girl bounded off to the table clapping and celebrating the most. Relieved that sorting would occur alphabetically Remus relaxed and let his attention drift. He clapped when everyone clapped, but he was much more interested in the witches and wizards who populated the faculty table. In particular there was quite a round little man to Professor Dumbledore’s left who was watching the sorting with such a hungry expression that Remus found himself following the gaze of the walrus whiskered wizard to the boy currently on the stool.

Even without the large hat upon his head the boy would have stood out, with his dark wavy hair and deep grey eyes. However, much more interesting to Remus, and the unknown wizard, was the fact that he appeared to be having a conversation with the hat. Remus based this on the fact that the boy’s eyes screwed up and to the side every time the hat twitched and wrinkled its patched brow as if they were arguing with one another. Finally, after at least two minutes of intense discussion, the hat must have relented, as the boy broke into a smile just before he was allowed into Gryffindor. The only other person Remus actually watched was Lily Evans, who was quickly sorted into the house of brave Godric Gryffindor. Her smile was sad though as she looked back at a small boy with a long nose and lank black hair on her way to the table beneath the scarlet and gold banners.

Remus took a deep breath and opened his eyes when Professor McGonagall read his name. As he walked up to the stool he couldn’t help but notice the whispers which moved up and down the head table. They must all know he thought to himself as he sat down too nervous to meet the Headmaster’s steady look. He felt a slight pressure as the too large hat slumped over his eyes. Unbidden, memories of his father rose to the top of Remus’ mind. Me, I was in Hufflepuff. The house of the hard working, but I’m sure you’ll be in Sytherin. How could you not be with what you are now, even though your not pure-blood, what other house would have you? It was all Remus could do to hold back his tears.

Then out of nowhere a voice drifted through his mind He thought so, huh, if only he knew you like I do. How about…


Professor McGonagall removed the Sorting Hat and Remus finally met the Headmaster’s smiling eyes. Perhaps, a very small part of himself thought, this is where I’ll truly belong.


Reader Note: Welcome to my second instalment of Witchcraft & Wizarding Wednesdays! I hope you enjoyed this part of my story you can find part one here. As stated before this is my take on part of JK Rowling’s story, to which I have no rights, but was always incredibly curious. Thanks for stopping by and any comments you might leave behind.

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