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His arm was draped carelessly across her shoulder, his thumb making smooth circles at the notch of her clavicle.  The smile upon his full lips was nothing if not sin itself, but hers was worse.  The look in her hooded eyes dripped with satisfaction and something more perhaps a bit harder to define.  Janie hadn’t felt this good in a while.  Though she was sure that the numb feeling would come back it was always worth trying to force it back and away.  Any time away from the numbness was good even if she knew that whats-his-name’s whispered promises of forever were false.  She would take the bright flashes she could grab even if when they vanished the darkness would deepen.

Sensation slowly began to creep back into Janie’s extremities giving rise to a pleasant warmth except for the chafing of his thumb drilling into her shoulder.  Two options, bark or bite.  She considered both with equal interest curious if she could get another round of romp-and-release regardless.  She teased the edge her lower lip with her teeth itching for bite. 

“The fuck you doing,” she demanded shrugging off his arm, deciding on bark.  The look of surprise whats-his-name responded with was priceless, and the solid smack reverberating through the heavily perfumed air sent a thrill down her spine.  She smiled slyly when he grabbed her wrist stopping the next blow.  “If I’m going to lose a little skin I’d rather it wasn’t from your thumb,” she teased.

“What the…”

Janie just laughed with wild abandon as she grabbed for whats-his-name, nails first, dragging herself on top of him one hand still caught by his callused grip.  In his surprise she managed to nip his lip causing his mouth to shoot open, and then they started back up in earnest. 

He tasted salty and sour like stale beer, but it didn’t stop Janie from taking the kiss deeper.  When his rough hand tangled in Janie’s hair forcing her to expose her tender throat every inch of skin tightened with goosebumps.  The moan that slipped past her teeth was breathless and encouraging as he released his grip on her wrist to trace a curvilinear path from her right breast to her navel.  Janie’s back arched as he parted her legs and thrust deep into her.  Ignoring the searing pain as she wrenched away from whats-his-name’s hold on her mussed braid she threw him on to his back and worked at her own pace.  His hands supported her till his rapid breathing matched her own then he grasped her hips and rose to meet her thrust for thrust.  They didn’t stop until every part of Janie trembled and even her scalp felt flushed.

As her heart rate slowed, his footsteps receded, and the rumpled sheets cooled Janie wasn’t sure if she was pleased with herself or not.  She had gotten more than what she had bargained for, her ears hadn’t stopped tingling yet, but still… the numbness threatened.