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“Who among you can explain the Essence?”

The question felt more like a dare than anything else, Fyeria thought to herself looking around the room. Everyone’s eyes were lowered. She alone was brave enough to scan the room and make direct eye contact with The Phlox whom responded with a raised eyebrow. Double dare Fyeria imagined it meant and smiled softly.

“The Essence defies explanation,” Fyeria countered.

The older woman raised her upturned palm giving Fyeria leave to expand.

“How would one explain everything? That is… the Essence is, was, and will be. How can we hope to define let alone comprehend such an enormity?”

The Phlox looked unamused but Fyeria was not deterred.

“Let me try again shall I? The earth we stand upon exists whether we believe in it or not. It is not up for debate. Nor is the wind at are backs and in our lungs. Perhaps these things can be defined, ie soil is a mixture of fine particulate organic and inorganic matter, but they can not be explained, ie why. So to answer your question,” and Fyeria paused suddenly as she locked eyes with The Phlox. “The Essence is the female embodiment of the four elemental forces Air, Water, Earth and Fire. She exists almost as a deity in the sense that Her mythology, for lack of a better term, seems to predate our recorded history. However, She is something more because She is not content to sit and watch, and therefore… defies explanation.”

Nearly every set of eyes in the room were wide mirroring the many opened mouthed expressions of surprise also visible. The Phlox just stared back at the young girl with fiery hair tight lipped with cold eyes. “The Essence is balance.”


This is a snippet of my story Rooted in Fire which I have posted as a Page. Check it out if you’re interested in Fyeria and The Essence.
The story has been in my head for awhile so I need to go back and edit, probably a lot, but I love feedback so any critique is welcome. Thanks for reading!