So this post will be way off my norm but bear with me

There’s this thing called a costume,
The whole thing starts with a mask.

A mask? Is it from a store? Did it cost 50 bucks?
Is it plastic and sucks?
How delightful, 50 bucks and still sucks!

If you please!
Just a mask made out of plaster,
And the whole thing begins with a pumpkin.

A pumpkin? But why?
How ugly!
Why make it? Why make it?

That’s the point, don’t you know, I had to try.

If it’s homemade will it bend?
Will it break?
What if it looks like a head that was found in a lake?

Listen now, and don’t be mean
That’s not the point of Halloween.

Now, pay attention.
We pick up an over-sized bag
and fill it like this with creepy goodies.

Let me see, let me look.
Are they rotted or covered with gook?

Uh, let me explain.
There’s no gook, but there’s candy!
Or sometimes it’s filled with small toys.

Small toys? Do they bite? Do they snap?
Or explode in the sack?
Perhaps they just spring out and scare girls and boys.

What a splendid idea
This Halloween sounds fun
I fully endorse it
Let’s try it at once!

Everyone, please! Now, not so fast.
There’s something here that you don’t quite grasp.
(Well, I may as well give them what they want…)
And the best, I must confess
I have saved for the last.
For the ruler of this Halloween land
Is a fearsome king with a deep might voice
Least that’s what I’ve come to understand.
And I’ve also hear it told that he’s something to behold
Like a scarecrow, tall and thin.
And on a dark, cold night, under the full moonlight
He creeps like a wisp of fog in the sky.
And they call him Pumpkin Jack!
(evil laugh)

Well if you haven’t guessed, from my poorly imitated Nightmare Before Christmas song lyrics, I’m going as Jack Skellington for Halloween this year 😀 Yay!  And this is how I made my mask, which I am way to proud of.






Happy Halloween!


Hope you all had a great Halloween I had a blast 😀