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“Don’t be a girl about it.”

“Don’t be such a fucking girl about it!”

Go a head, insult me.  Try to make me feel small, I dare you.  Tell me your truths in ways that are meant to make me quiet and fearful.

“You’re a bitch.”

You think so?  Why thank you.  Yes, I am sure of what I want and of how to get it myself.

“You’re weak.”

Define weak please.  Do you perhaps mean that I cannot lift the same amount of weight above my head?  Perhaps…but what if I can rig a pulley system to do my heavy lifting for me?  Are we equals yet?

“No one would ever want someone like you.”

I do not pin my self worth on how wifely, motherly, or proper you imagine me to be.  Also, I believe that my standards, not yours, are the ones which must be met.

“You’ll never make it in a man’s world.”

I would never presume to walk a mile in a man’s shoes, nor would I want to.  However, I would be more than open to you attempting a day in my life.  A word of caution…its not as easy as I make it look.

“Fucking girlie ass bitch!”

We appear to be circling.  So let me stop you there.  Yes, I am a girl.  Yes, I am smaller than you.  But, no that does not make me weak.  It is not a liability, and I am not ashamed of it. 

I learn like a girl, I work hard like a girl, and I live strong like a girl.

What do you do?


I also think, do science, and support myself like a girl. What things do you do…like a girl?

Check out this YouTube clip if you haven’t seen it already.