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…and one day a child of the forest asked of Mother Nature, “How is it that your garden always grows so beautiful?” To which she responded, “Effort. The effort we put in, dear one, it makes all the difference.” Still unsure the child continued, “but what makes you choose one flower over another?” As she bent to untangle a seedling from a weed Mother Nature replied, “Of course I have my favorites, but there are so many seeds from which we may sow our gardens. Seeds of love, faith, hope, doubt, and even change. So be weary dearest, for what we plant we must also reap.”


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This is my response to the one hundred word challenge for grow ups (100WCGU) post, thanks Julia 🙂

The prompt was …but there are so many seeds…

You get 100 words plus the prompt.  To add your take on the prompt follow this link.