“Doesn’t that just torque your jaw?”

“I’m warning you…I’m not one of those people you can just threaten idly.  If your trying to say something, say it.”

“That the problem, isn’t it?  I said it, clear as day, and you still didn’t hear it.  I’m not taunting you, not in the conventional sense anyway, I’m goading you into paying attention.”

“Oh, is that it?  Your so smart and beyond my comprehension that I require your assistance in order to understand.  Well…bullshit!  I don’t need you, your shitty attitude, or your generous hand outs of information.”


“You like that?  Then your gonna love this sweetheart…I’m gone!”

“Good, go make something of yourself, I would love to see that!  That would fucking make my day!”

The screen door slams shut with a loud crack.  She holds her breath waiting for the angry sound of wheels crunching and spraying gravel as the beat up Chevy peels out of the driveway.  She walks to the door and watches the taillights disappear.  “Thank you,” she whispers into the night, “that’s all I wanted, and won’t it just torque your jaw when you realise it.”


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