There would come a time when the boy must die, he thought, but he doubted if he would receive much help on that account.  That they loved him was apparent as he caught a stolen glance of the boy from the window he was passing.  Then again good of any kind always looks more pure when set against as dark a backdrop as recent events had caused.  For now the boy would serve as a figure head, a symbol that peace was not only obtainable but imminent.  His face was a study of calm happiness as he walked through the stone corridors.  The facade he must always keep in place so no one would ever suspect that even he suffered from self doubt, from time to time.  He knew eyes and ears followed him wherever he went, was even use to it, but they wouldn’t catch him falter.  He had been living his lies for so long now he almost believed them himself, but buried under the titles and council position was truth.  He would do anything to stop the destruction of the world he had spent a lifetime trying to create to atone for his sins.

Behind his solid door and heavy table he finally removed the roll of parchment from his billowing sleeve.  All day he had wanted to look but there had been pretenses to maintain.  It was the news he had feared.  He would have liked to call out for strength but there was no religion in this world which could undo what needed to be done.  So instead he whispered, to the shadow in the corner, sending one of his many messengers on their way.  Weariness pulled at him, but this wasn’t a time for sitting comfortably.  This was going to require all of his mental acuity and persuasiveness, or the dangerous game they were playing at was likely to have no winner.  As the door opened he reminded himself that this his grandest performance could have no end, I must wear it as a mantel even unto death.  “Please come in there is something I must ask of you…”


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