I despise being lied to, and for 167 days my roommate did nothing but lie.

“Did you see my leftover Chinese?”

“You finished that on Tuesday, right?”

“How about the better half of my birthday cake?”

“You must have eaten more than you thought.”

I consider myself to be a giving person, but this exceeds my generosity limit.  So, I added colloidal silver to every single leftover.  It’s been 137 days, and my lying roommate has no choice but to go as Papa Smurf this Halloween due to his “unexplainable allergic reaction”.  Turns out revenge is a dish best served blue.


This man's skin has turned blue from using colloidal silver

This flash fiction comes from the prompt …silver… from Julia at 100 word challenge for grown ups. You get 100 words plus the prompt, so 101. The link to submit is here and will be open until Monday Oct. 28th.