Andi’s heart was beating out of her chest, her bare feet ragged and torn, and she was nearly choking on the hot liquid copper tang of blood.  She had been racing through the woods since the moon rose luminous and full in the clear night sky, and the night was almost spent. 

In the early pre dawn silence the only sound was her heavy uneven breathing.  Hearing the unsteady sound Andi tried to stifle the ruckus hoping to not draw unwelcome notice to herself.  Not when she was this close.  The road couldn’t be more than a hundred feet away she thought quickly scanning her surroundings for headlights or people.

The hair raising sound of a lone howl rent the night.  Her hand shot to her mouth and her body froze in place, back to the road, something dark and akin to fear coursing through her.  As the adrenaline surged and Andi’s body screamed for her to flee or fight she used the back of her hand to wipe away the worst of the gore, threw back her head, and returned the call. 


As seen on Artflakes


So, I am a major Florence + The Machine fan and after hearing their song Howl this October I couldn’t help myself.  I hope you enjoyed my werewolf  interpretation, they may not be as hot as vampires right now but they deserve some Halloween play time too!   Δ Δ