This is neither the story of what happened to Alice, she never existed here, nor is this about going through the looking glass.  This story takes place in Awe, firmly locked within the heart of the mirror.  Where up is down and right has left.  If you find yourself in this land of wonder be warned, tread lightly and escape quickly, for Zoie does not let all who trespass back up the rabbit hole.

Who you may find yourself wondering though why may be more prudent, please allow me to explain.

First things first.  Awe.  Awe is a place where the expected never occurs.  No life like hue or Technicolor persists instead we have only the dull washed out tones caused by overexposure.  Majestic trees and lush gardens awash in hundreds of different shades have become stark spindly things thinned out into a single green tone.  Though the light may appear to shine with more vigor here I assure you that is nothing more than illusion.  For as any magician can tell you what lies at the surface never really speaks to what is truly going on below. 

You see below the highlight is a contrasting shadow, so dark the word black hardly does it justice, and it is there that Zoie has made herself at home.  Zoie is gorgeous to behold a fragile wisp of a thing in her dress of midnight with full dark eyes hidden behind her child’s fringe.  Don’t let her doll-like appearance fool you.  All of the most cunning creatures know how to blend and deceive, but this wolf in sheep’s clothing is Awe’s judge, jury, and executioner all in one.  She follows her own logic and holds a moral campus which has never known north, but her wit is rapier sharp as is her Vorpal blade.  The eyes you think you see in the night, the sound you cannot be sure you heard, and the tingle running down your scalp are her’s.  Best hope she doesn’t find you wanting.


Alice & Zoie