The woods ahead of him were throwing long shadows across the small field which separated his house from the trees. To him the shadows moved with sinister intent as the wind through the branches caused them to sway forward as if reaching for him. However, with a single burst of moonlight from behind a cloud the shadows disappeared causing Remus to laugh in the face of his enemy’s defeat. A branch snapped just at the edge of the tree line to his left.

“Archimedes is that you,” Remus asked the laugh still in his voice as he moved closer to the sound. “You should have been home hours ago mum made the most delicious treacle tart for dessert…”

A much louder tree shaking sound cut Remus off mid-sentence. “Archimedes did, did you find a, a friend?”

The winds picked up stirring the nearly silent woods into a symphony and causing the flickering lights in the sky to cease as the full moon could finally shine unobstructed upon the clearing. A mind piercing howl rent the night freezing Remus in place mere inches from the leading edge of the forest.

“Remus,” the panicked voice of his father sounded so small in darkness. Remus wanted very much to call out to his father, but for fear of what had made the unthinkable noise in the trees he didn’t dare. “Are you sure he’s out there? Remus!”

Remus turned his head slightly needing to see if his dad was coming any closer, but unable to lose sight completely of the woods. Without warning or reason Remus was sprinting as fast as his legs could carry him thrashing through the tall grass. Making it just five rapid steps before…

Burning erupted across his back as he was pitched forward. Remus writhed in pain, as the nightmare above him slashed and bit every square inch of skin it could reach, trying to get enough of his breath back to scream.

“H…H…HELP! Noooooo!” A loud crack followed by a flash of blue light startled Remus awake. He was twisted in sweat soaked sheets, heart racing, and breath ragged. Sitting up in bed and dashing the unshed tears from his eyes Remus realized that he had woken everyone up. More than that a dazed James was sprawled against the far wall glasses and hair more askew than usual and everything near his bead looked as if it had been blow back by a strong wind. Remus jumped out of bed and ran for the boy planning to apologize, but Sirius’ hand in the middle of his chest stopped him immediately.

“Why would you go and do that,” James asked rubbing the back of his head.

Peter still in bed with the sheets up to his chin shook his head turning his eyes from James’s prone body to Remus, “How did you do that?”

Sirius helped James up and walked him over to his bed before facing Remus again, “Yeah how did you do that?”

“I did, didn’t do anything,” Remus pleaded.

“You were asleep,” Sirius said angrily, “how did you do magic in your sleep?” With those words everyone turned to look at Remus with wide eyes waiting for an explanation.

“What were you dreaming about,” James asked with an intense look in his eyes, “I mean you woke me up. You were muttering in your sleep and clawing at your bed so I went to wake you up and then…bam. I was all buggered up against the wall like a blue tornado hit me.”

Remus turned away from their questioning looks and started to straighten all his personal items. “I don’t remember,” he lied righting his upturned chair which was holding his house robes, “just that I was running from something.” He re-stacked his school books refusing to look over his shoulder.

“Running from something, I would have guessed someone was killing you the way you were carrying on,” James said matter of factly.

The words caused Remus’ eyes to sting. He needed the safety of his blankets to hide his emanate tears, but his curtain remained helter skelter. Grabbing the corner of the curtain brought him right up to the window pane, and there in the sky, hanging low over the Black Lake waxing toward full, was the moon. “Almost,” he said to himself.

Reader Note:
So since I started this little fan fiction Pottermore has released more facts about R.J. Lupin. Including his wand information and his parent’s names. Needless to say I did not get these 100% correct in my guessing, however I shall carry on. I hope you continue to enjoy the story even if it is fraught with minor inconsistencies, though I do try to read as much as I can before posting anything. Let me know what you think and best wishes.