The smile and deep look make the exchange feel so real.

     Like it really could be true, forever and love.

Such beautiful theories which when outlined on paper smack of logic and certainty.


Is it possible that the want, for these things these ideas, to be real and tangible out weighs everything else?

     Can we, so blinded by our desire to have this paper perfect emotion, create it?

     Does it only survive in our desperate need for it to exist?

     Is it manifest only while we allow ourselves to perceive the delusion?

If we are honest can the high school sweethearts grasp even the concept of forever, or the college coeds the enormity of monogamy?

     Then maybe the answer lies in the abandonment of the words till they can be fully comprehended.

Perhaps love, especially true love, should never be promised for who, in all honesty, can know if the moment will not come when the words meant so fervently will come to be despised so vehemently.