Remus had never been so lost in his entire life. He had lost count sometime after the third right turn, the second moving staircase, and the seventh or eighth trick stair. Without the beacon of red curly hair that floated out behind Alyssa, one of the Gryffindor prefects, as if bewitched Remus was sure he would have fallen through the last staircase. Which had been more a sloped game of hopscotch than a flight of stairs. It was worth it though to find himself at the secret entrance to the tower, even if he was sure he could never repeat the trek.

The staircase, which was currently stationary, ended at a short landing. The landing was flanked by two suits of armor, each carrying a sword and shield, a trio of narrow arrow slit windows high on the right side, and a number of paintings which ranged in size from an antique locket portrait to a mural which was larger than any wall in the Lupin family home. Remus eyed each painting suspiciously trying to determine which might hold the secret. Just as he had decided that it must be the one containing three men at a table rolling dice and holding daggers, he heard Alyssa say, “Veni, vidi, vici.” Just then a portrait of a very dour and doughy woman raised her hand slightly, as if in welcome, then her painting swung forward on its hinges revealing a gaping hole. “We are home Gryffindors,” Alyssa said as the first years made their way into the common room, “consider your selves welcomed.”

Remus had slowly circled the large round room trying to get a feel for the place, but his head was still spinning. He, Remus John Lupin, was in Gryffindor tower. He caught a glimpse of himself in the window glass, as he started up the stairs to the boy’s dormitories, and wondered in what hidden recesses the sorting hat might have seen actual courage in him.

At the top of the stairs four boys sat around the fire place talking, but they all went quiet and watched Remus as he walked over to his trunk. For a moment he just stood there not sure if he should just go to bed or try to join them.

“What was your name,” the boy with the grey eyes asked.

“Oh, I’m Remus,” he said still not committing himself in either direction.

“This is James,” he pointed to a boy with messy hair and glasses who waved, “Martin,” a freckled boy that constantly blinked, “Peter,” a roundish boy who nodded but not towards Remus, “and I’m Sirius.”

“Pleasure,” Remus said shyly as he moved half a step closer to the group.

“Hey, Remus,” James said in false casual tones, “why did the professors act so strange when McGonagall called your name?” He paused and looked over at Sirius. “It was like they had heard of you before.”

“I didn’t…”

“Are you famous,” Peter asked leaning forward so that the firelight played across his face giving him a sinister look.

Remus tried again, “No, I’m…it must be about my mum. She’s real, um, sick…uh…so sick I almost didn’t get to come this year.” The lie fell flat from his unpracticed lips.

He watched as James and Sirius’ eyes slid to the side and met, but James just smiled. “So cool that they just planted that Whomping Willow over the summer, huh…”


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