Reader note:  This may end up as nothing more than white noise in the whole Harry Potter FanFiction genera, but R.J. Lupin is one of my favorite characters in the HP world, the know-it-all bookish mega-witch Hermione being my absolute favorite character.  While I was waiting impatiently for book four (The Goblet of Fire) his character was one whose story I expanded in my imagination, and while I didn’t get it all right some of my ideas were seen in latter books.  So though we all know how his story line ends I want to visit a part of his life that always piqued my interest, his first years at Hogwarts.  In particular how he and Lily Evans became such good friends.  I have read no FanFiction directly related to Remus so please let me know if I’ve unknowingly stepped on your toes.  I have no rights to JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, I am just a fan writing about the characters I learned to love so I might visit with them again for a short time. Thanks for reading!

Remus sat in an empty compartment staring out the window as the last of the latecomers hurried to board the scarlet steam engine. As the whistle blew he looked around and hung his head, it hadn’t worked. He and his dad had come hours early so that no one would immediately make the connection between them, as it was becoming more well known that Tyrell Lupin was in deep with Greyback and therefore the wearwolves. As such Remus was already fully dressed in his robes by the time other students started boarding the train, not wanting anyone to get a good look at his more hand-me-down items. However, his middle of the train compartment was passed over by each and every student.

In an attempt to both hide his disappointment and cure his boredom Remus gently unpacked his wand and Witch Wood: Wandlore for the ages by Aloyisus Laurel. Flipping to the back of the book Remus sat his wand down in the unoccupied seat next to him looking for the section he had found in the store.

“That wouldn’t happen to be a Willow wand, would it?”

Startled the book fell into his lap and hung awkwardly from his right knee as Remus turned quickly to see who had spoken. Standing in the doorway was a witch who was, at the moment, covering her mouth as if trying to keep her giggles from escaping.

“Uh, yeah. It is. How did you know?”

“I have one too,” she said with a shrug, “10 and a quarter inches.” Her smile was open and genuine and when it reached her bright green eyes they sparkled.

“Mines11 and a half.”

She pushed her dark red hair off her shoulder and squinted her eyes at the lonely boy by the window. “And unyielding with troll whiskers I bet,” she said as she took two steps into the compartment and sat down across from him.

He gasped when she sat down so loudly that Remus saw her reconsider. “No,” he said quickly holding up his hand as Witch Wood slid to the ground. “Dragon heartstring and resilient, what about you?”

“Swishy with a phoenix feather.”

“Nicely done, that’s a rare combination…” for a second the conversation dragged and Remus feared she might leave. “I had a go with a nine inch Ash and Thestral hair, but it didn’t choose me.”

She bent down and picked up the sad boy’s book smiling at the title. “Reading up on Willow wands? They are supposed to have healing powers, according to Mr. Ollivander anyway”

“If only,” Remus said with a little to much vehemence causing the girl to cock her head to the side.

“Well tell me what it says,” the girl said handing Remus the book, “As owners of rare wands I suppose it is our responsibility…I don’t even know your name.”

“I’m Remus,” he said extending his hand after a moment of hesitation.

“Lily Evans, muggle-born,” she said as they shook hands.

He opened the book and she leaned in to watch the moving pictures. No matter what the book said Remus thought to himself Willow wands must be lucky as he finally managed to smile at Lily, hopefully his first friend.