Strauffer was your typical ex-collegiate jock who introduced himself with a strong handshake and the phrase “Please, call me Dan”.  On the outside Dan was all smooth smiles and confidence, but Ann could see the tiny flashes of uncertainty in his eye as he noticed her badge. 

“Sorry to interrupt your day Mr. Strauffer, but Mrs. Saunders and the department have some unanswered questions about Peter’s death.  We were hoping that you might be able to fill in those blanks for us.”  Ann paused letting the silence hang watching Dan’s god-ol-boy routine slip as the fear crept back up.

“S…sure,” he managed while his eyes shifted incessantly.  Oh, Strauffer was guilty all right, but of what?

Note to Reader-

This is my third instalment in my flash fiction story which I write based on your prompts. Thank you to the wrought writer and faith for this weeks words. I hope that you will continue with me on this literary journey, and that I will receive more prompts soon. As always all comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks so much ~Jess

The story started with Exhumed

The second instalment was Closure