Her blood red eyes dripped disdain as they looked past me, through me, to the nothingness that resides within.  It could have been seconds or an eternity that we sat locked in a battle of wills waiting to see who would pay the ultimate price, my soul or hers.  She won the second I lowered my eyes and now for the love of God there was no erasing that image.  Her pitiful stare, even red rimed and tear stained, was still cutting ever deeper to the core of me.  Searching for what, answers?  A pointless endeavor.  There was no answer for her.  I blink and shake my head, but I’m not asleep.  This is no dream.  It’s not reality either, the structure is too ephemeral, so I sit with my half remembered memory.  Pleading.  Look away…leave me with what little is still mine buried so deep beneath me.  Blink damn it and let me have the piece of your soul I was looking for, but her eyes don’t blink.  They follow me out of the room and down into my hell.  Where all the teeth gnashing and hair pulling can’t ease my pain or the burning sensation from her piercing stare. 

I am that empty thing sitting near the window intently watching my own reflection in the rain streaked glass rapidly blinking.  Wishing I was alive enough to care about the blood stains on my hands and what’s left of my soul, and that when next I close my eyes I won’t see hers.