Suds floated upon the air.

Tiny bubbles of perfection which mixed seamlessly with the peal of children’s laughter and the doo wop coming from the boom box sitting on the window ledge.  Doris poked her head around the soapy minivan to try to snatch a glimpse of her girls at play.  She smiled loving how even the mundane seemed fun to those two, only five year olds could see the magic in washing a car. 

Janie, her oldest, had her arms buried elbow deep in the bucket of cool foamy water, while Kimmy, the toddler, tried to take a drink from the hose.  Content that all was well Doris went back to the actual work of washing the last of the winter’s salt from the scarlet exterior humming to herself. 

A second later she froze sodden sponge in hand crouched down leaning against the back bumper. 

It wasn’t a loud sound that had startled her, but the soft plunk of dumped water and the river of suds rushing past.  It was then that a wail of pain cut through the happiness. 

Doris found Janie covered in soap standing over Kimmy who lay on her back leg at a rakish angle…

She didn’t care that the house was unlocked or that the car wasn’t rinsed, but as she frantically drove to the hospital Doris couldn’t help but notice the bubbles floating in the wind behind her.  Their bright reflections of sun light in her rear view seemingly mocking her along the way.