Samantha made a drive for her phone to stop the ringing from getting any louder, and though the caller was an unknown she picked up.


Have you been a good girl?

Oh…okay, I bet you think that is ho ho hilarious don’t you?  I thought prank calls were dead?

Is it a hard question to answer…Samantha?

No, it’s…how do you know my name?

Would it surprise you if I said I know a lot of things?

But not if I was good this year?

What do you think?

I think, why the hell am I still allowing this call to continue? 


Fresh out, any other guesses?

Did you know that idle bored girls often appear naughty?

Don’t they have 900 numbers for this creepy shit?  How about you try one of thoes, and leave me alone?

Now, now Samantha where are your manors?

Could I possibly reserve them for people I actually know not weird holiday drunk dialers?

Do you not remember me?

How the hell did you get this number?

Are you going to answer my question?

Which one?

Which would you say was the most important?

Oh, I don’t know probably, “I wonder who’s calling,” what do you think?


You think?  Seriously, why are we still talking?

Ever make a bet with yourself?

A bet?

Yeah, like if you get done with shoveling the driveway before lunch you’ll let yourself splurge on carryout…you know?

I guess?

Well I bet there were no good people left, so…Samantha?

What was the wager?

Why would you care about that?

I’m not sure, but isn’t it important?

Would it affect your answer?  It could don’t you think?

What if I said good-ish?  Not a saint obviously but not really mean or evil either, is that a thing?

Good-ish?  Not a word, but it sounds like a thing, that answer my question though?


You sure?

Look I’m not a bad person so I must be a good person, right?

I don’t think it works like that; your not bad fine but are you good?

Listen guy, why does this mean so much to you?

To me?  Why doesn’t it matter to you?

Maybe because I’m not nine anymore hoping for Santa to leave me presents.

No hoping at all for you anymore?

Doesn’t everyone hope for things?  It’s just…


Did you want to be right, about your bet?

How does anyone truly know what they want?

That isn’t an ans…never mind, were you?

Was I what?

Were you right?

No, I don’t think I was, guess that means I should get back to work.

Why, what do you do?


You do know it’s Christmas eve right?

Yes I do Samantha, merry Christmas.

Then there was only silence as all three minutes and 23 seconds of conversation started to sink in.