Marjorie sat looking at her plate smiling slightly and laughed her small laugh, a little bit of everything she thought to herself.  It was her way of saving room for dessert, no filling up on rolls for her.  The whole house smelled of the holidays an equal mixture of butter, sugar, roast meat, and warmth.  Her family supplied the warmth and the holiday soundtrack she loved so well and missed so much come January.  The boys gathered around the football playing TV shouting the calls, the scrape of utensils against china, and children’s footsteps rushing for the door or food.  Family had always been the secret ingredient to every successful holiday get-together it made the weather nicer, the food taste better, and time run slower.  Marjorie lifted her forkful of turkey and fixings and said a quick prayer, let my family be ever safe and always together, and then took her first bite of Thanksgiving.

As she chewed the color drained from her mind’s picture, deafening silence rose up to meet her ears, and the cold seeped into her bones.

“I’ll see you on Christmas Ms. Marjorie,” the meals-on-wheels lady said with a sad small smile of her own, “you take care now.”

Marjorie turned away from her ‘home-made’ dinner; first she turned on TV football, then she started some store bought cookie dough in the oven, she even added some light music from her radio before sitting back down.  “I’m thankful for good memories,” she said aloud as she closed her eyes preferring the company of those not there, leaving the food untouched before her.