I sit forgotten in the corner. 

Lonely, but more than that. 

I miss you.  Your touch, your deep thoughts, and intense looks all gone now. 

What do I have to remember you by, nothing, but the impressions of your feelings long since dried up?  Am I nothing without you, is it truly you who gives me purpose, for without you I feel thin and faded like so much kindling?  Where once we shared your dreams, fears, and secrets I now feel blank and incomplete. 

Yet here I’ll stay waiting for your caress silently begging for you to tell me … anything, to fill me up.

As the dust of so many years and untold stories mares the perfection of this clean page which yearns to bleed the red, blue, or black of your musings.


This story came to me after coming across this poem called Trees By Joseph Sido check it out if you get the chance.