Blake could not remember what falling asleep felt like for the life of him.  To him it had always been an event devoid of sensation.  There was no warmth that he could remember, or heaviness just the sudden drop off and then latter the hazy awakening.  However, now he felt a warmth which was filling him up, moving slowly from his feet to his head.  The lack of sound unnerved Blake that and the fact that though he was almost sure his eyes were open there was nothing but a fuzzy darkness.  Almost like the time I passed out he thought remembering for a moment his brother’s bachelor party, but that was wrong.  This was sharper somehow not gentle and easy like that night.  He went to lift his arm, but even the thought was too heavy for him to manage.  As the burn and sting of fire licked wet and sticky between Blake’s fingers reality crashed back in.  The taste of dirt between his teeth, the cacophony of sounds assaulting his ringing ears, pain shot through his back, and even as his eyes fluttered there was no sight.  He had only the words ‘easy now…just like falling asleep’ to hold on to, and that lie held no comfort anymore as the cold crept in and the shadow fell upon him.