The wind whispered in through the open window smelling of cut grass and the promise of rain, but Janet could not shake the dark feelings that had surrounded her of late.  A shadow passed by the glass pane, she was sure it was just a cloud passing by the sun or bird, but all the same the chill up her back meant the window had to be closed. 

She remembered having the thought but not how she had ended up face first on her prized Persian rug.  The sting behind Janet’s right ear and the stabbing pain she felt every time her eyes moved suggested that a blow to the head was the culprit.  She tried and failed to concentrate on the dialogue happening just outside her den but everything kept running together, there were at least two people in her house and she could not say that any of them was familiar.

The sudden protest of the floor boards told Janet that who ever had been talking was now heading in her direction drawing closer…she could feel the weight of his heavy foot fall, closer…she could smell the strong tang of cedar and musk, closer… feel the heat of his breath on her neck

Alice jumped as if the k key had been electrified.  The hair stood on her arm, and she could have sworn that something had just brushed…how silly Alice thought to herself.  “It must be good its even scaring me,” she said aloud to no one as she reached back to rest her hand on the back of her neck.  To her surprise it was warm and moist as if some one had been breathing against her skin.

Alice didn’t even have time to react as his hand sealed over her mouth forcing her and her desk chair back into his chest.  “Don’t stop now I can’t wait to see what I do next,” he hissed by Alice’s ear a manic laugh threatening to break free at the end of his sentence.