Becca walked slowly in step with him toward a bench under a busted street light.  It was hard to separate out the fear of being alone with him in the near darkness from the thrill she felt at the idea of being alone with him in the near darkness.  The war within decided itself as his hand brushed the edge of her denim shorts as he reached for her hand, and catching it drew her closer to him.  So that Becca now felt his warmth beating against the whole of her left side.

As they reached the bench he gestured grandly with his free hand as if to suggest she should now enter the beautiful ballroom men were always leading women into in sappy love stories.  She smiled and sat down staring straight ahead rather than making continued eye contact.  Becca silently reminded herself to breath, but startled as he asked her a question.  Shit…should have been listening...she looked up into to his eyes and blinked.

“What were you thinking about?”  He asked through a quizzical grin and half cocked eyebrows.

“The movie,” Becca responded hastily.

The sudden flash of hurt written across his face said it all, that had not been the right answer.  Crap…how to salvage...”You should have seen the face you were making during the who done it parts, it was priceless,” she said ending with a smile aimed at the ground.

The grin snapped back into place, “Oh yeah, well I saw you more than just fidget during the gory movie opener.”

Some how this sentence had been his in and he now had his arm draped around Becca’s shoulders a weight which was equal parts electric tingle and force closing the spare few inches between them.  The angle was rather extreme for her to look at him for very long without risking a neck spasm so she alternated between shy glances and long moments of star watching.

A wind ran through the trees and he moved to brush the nonexistent tendrils of hair from her face tracing them back behind her ear.  The moment of unexpected touching had her nearly gasping for breath as heat ran through her lower extremities while a shiver threatened her spine.  He leaned in close and smiled.

Then suddenly Becca found herself talking, “You know about 12 minutes from here there is this old general store with the best hot fudge sundaes, we should go some time.”

He paused for a moment shifting back against the bench, “Yeah, maybe…I mean who doesn’t like those?”

She heard more than one question behind the words.  Damn itget out of my head mother, and church; be brave…”So I bet you take all the girls out here,” Becca said playfully laying her hand gently on his thigh.

His grin turned wicked as he lifted both hands in an it wasn’t me gesture, “You’ve got me all wrong Becca I’m one of the good guys.”

And then before she could do more than blink his lips were on hers, soft, supple, and insistent.  Becca’s eyes flew open in surprise, and her throat went dry with the fear of being a bad kisser.  Then his arm looped around her waist and the edge of his fingers brushed the small of Becca’s back.  That feather touch set the tingle to vibrate and she moaned slightly and finally lost herself in his kiss.

Let the people watch and worry about what the girl under the broken street light was doing because there wasn’t enough room in Becca’s head for both the worrisome thoughts and him.