They tell us everything will be alright, but they lie.

Nothing is ever really alright, happy endings only occur prior to reality’s home landing.  On the cloudy days we see necessity in rain and the promise of sunny tomorrows, but perhaps we are merely being overly hopeful.  It could be that those hard times are nothing but the calm before the storm.

To those who spout it can only get betters and fate, I dare you to really take a look at these hallow words.  For shame on you.

Perhaps, you can not see it, but I am trying.  So, stop binding me and blinding me with your lies I need them not, and it hurts all the more when your string of silken words fall flat and tater into ashes. 

In this loss I see your chance, fight free of that which held you down and strive not for perfection rather for perfect truth.  For your eyes have been opened yet again to pain the blinders torn free; disillusionment vanished into so much thin air.  Like the mist of a distant falls drying upon the dawn.