She looked from side to side wondering why no one was looking her way.  Surely there must have been a sound just now when her heart tore asunder, but not a single eye watched her or head turned in her direction.  She placed her hand against her lips to stop the manic sound that wasn’t quite a sob or laugh from escaping her mouth and fled the overly quiet room.  The eyes watched her now, maybe they can hear the crack reverberating through me like an aftershock she mussed.  Once outside in the corridor she felt like falling down to the cool marble floor and pressing her face to the stone till the room stopped spinning, however common sense prevailed and she made her way to the small bench next to a plate-glass window.  Gently she sat down and took a deep though shaky breath, and felt the shards of her core rattle prettily like tiny silver bells.  For the longest time she simply stared at her hands which were in constant motion, trying to fit the broken pieces back together but failing just as so many king’s men before her.  As if on cue she squared her shoulders and looked straight ahead into the glass.  Over-wide tear bright eyes looked back at her, and she though a very young thought of how beautiful she looked on the verge of tears.  She shook her head slightly and cocked it to the right listening for the words to the Abba song playing softly in the elevator.  A tear traced its way down her cheek as she told the sad eyes in the glass “It’s done he’s lost us.”  It was then that she opened her hands as if letting something fall, then stood and walked from the building wind dashing the steady rain from lashes.