Warm rain dripped down the window washing the slight yellow haze from the air just as the strawberry pie cooling on the counter worked it’s hardest to alleviate the sour smell of something gone bad. Bentley smiled wanly, it was his mother’s attempt to right the wrong in the world one cup of sugar at a time, but it wouldn’t work this time. Not all the nodding daffodils or sweet pastry in Kansas could undo his latest folly. That which invaded his mind awake or asleep and permeated the walls of this his family’s humble abode.
Without truly deciding to Bentley walked to the back room, where the foul smell was strongest, and opened the door quick and wide. The sight caused him to double over as much as the smell. He hadn’t thought about the consequences just what felt right at the moment.
“Bentley, Peter’s here,” his mother called out from the kitchen.
The words caused all the lurid color to leak out of the room leaving only his hollow wishes and the stink of sulfur.
The short hallway that lead to the kitchen seemed even more so as he tried to work up his courage. “Mr. Cottontail,” he said to his feet, “I may be able to help you locate those misplaced items.”