A casual observer may not have noticed anything amiss on this chilly winter’s night, but an observant individual would have seen what appeared to be a pink snowflake cartwheeling into the glossy green ivy tracing its way up the side of a four-story brick apartment building.  The brightly colored effervescent bit of something finally came to rest at the window on the second floor.  If that same person truly strained his or her eyes and imagination they may have even caught the clearing of the steamy frost from the bottom center of the window pane itself, but more likely than not Bubbles would again go unnoticed as she intended.


Standing on the window ledge Bubbles looked in at the woman lounging on the couch watching television with her floppy eared dog and sighed; not contentedly rather with a fair amount of disgust and contempt.  She was now at the end of a terrible week that had left her exhausted and touchy to say the least.  Bubbles rested her head against the glass savoring the cold as all her busy flying tonight had left her uncomfortably warm.


Most of the time Bubbles had no complaints about her job.  She had been an intern for less than a year before she had received the go ahead which moved her into an actual apprenticeship, but that had been three years ago and the newness and excitement were most definitely gone by this point.  So much so that she had begun to question her chosen field; not because it was taking longer than anticipated to achieve the coveted position, she heard stories of decade long waits, it was that recently she had become rather jaded with the whole enterprise.


In the distance Bubbles could hear the call of clock counting the hour of the night and without consciously intending to she counted out loud to 12 at which point she sank down into a seated position, it was now officially her day off.  At first it didn’t make sense to her that they took this of all days off, but after three years she understood all to clearly.  It was funny really, no cupids or cupid apprentices would lift a finger today, February 14th.


Bubbles looked into the window again and saw that the woman had decorated the tiny apartment with red and pink hearts she smiled wryly to herself amidst all this build up there never seemed to be any room left over for anything, well real, just the ideal of true love but never the thing itself.  The moment drug on as she turned this thought over and over again, it was then that the lady sighed and lean her head against her hand her eyes staring out the window… aw hell Bubbles thought this time I’ll aim for love it is Valentine’s day after all…