Chapter Seven

It was mid afternoon before he had enough time to complete his errands due to the amount of time and effort he had put into making the trip seem unplanned.  Drono hated being rushed and that was exactly what was happening today.  He had gotten up at dawn to meet Landon as he went on duty to let him know what he needed of him, unofficially, and to give him the necessary funds to make it happen.  Dronocum had then continued on to the Master of the Gurad’s quarters where he explained Landon’s pending departure.  He also sent two hurried messages, one to Haddie and one to the kitchen, for a resplendent brunch to take place after his morning rounds.  “Stupid brunch,” he quietly mussed to himself almost running to keep his appointment.  It had taken more time and effort than he had expected to give to it, but it had solved one rather tedious and problematic problem, that of a sulking Haddie.

Drono tried to rationalize with himself as to why he had circled the market before reaching his destination, which had put him in the situation that required him to be less than unobtrusive as he jogged through the crowd.  It wasn’t very likely that Digitalis would be wondering that market after all, but it was a chance he would take because there were still so many things he needed to know.


Shreeann smiled broadly as Drono walked into the store and off to the side with his hood still up as the rain had yet to stop, but the smile slid sideways as she realized she couldn’t allow herself to curtsy in acknowledgement.  With strained words Shreeann watched as the lady left with her bag and child in tow not even noticing him.  He laughed out loud as the door was shut and locked behind the little boy.

“I am so sorry Your Highness,” Shreeann said in a rush of words as she turned away from the door stumbling into some mess of curtsy and bow.

“Don’t be Shreeann I enjoy a bit of anonymity now and again.  Now where has that husband of yours gotten to I have much to talk to both of you about.”

“First allow me to share with you what you ordered, and then we can discuss why else you are here, if it pleases you Sire,” Edwin said in casual tones walking out of the back room not even breaking stride as he differentially inclined his head.

“Of course, of course Edwin.  What has already occurred can wait a little longer still, I assume, right,” Dronocum said with a raised eyebrow as he approached the counter.

Edwin began slowly, “Based on what we talked about earlier and what I saw yesterday I believe these will suit your purposes, exactly,” here he paused to allow himself a rather self-indulgent smile, “if I may say so.”  He then snapped the lids open of the hat boxes in front of him each of which held a circlet.

The similarities between the two were what hit Drono at first but slowly he saw slight differences.  The first circlet had the grace of a coronet, it was made of a metal which shone like white light and the bands wove through each other in a way that brought to mind the swirl of leaves in a strong wind; it was very traditional almost light and airy.  However the other one made with rose gold and yellow gold bands that did not follow the same path as before instead they fought each other almost like the brier vines; though it was more wild with an earthy weight about it every inch of it demanded attention.  “Edwin these, these were more than I could have hoped for.  It would seem that you have quite outdone yourself.”  Drono let his worry over the next part of their conversation fall away as he tried to earnestly show his gratitude, “I am in your debt.”