I am a Ruolf, and as I pen this fact I am vividly aware that I am now disregarding the major tenements of my kind which I have known by heart for centuries.  I only state this sentiment incase one of you should happen across my story; know that I am of sound mind, conscious of the possible ramifications, and that I continue on regardless.  Perhaps more to the point you may call me Anona.  

Now for the unknowing as a Ruolf I am long-lived, this year will mark the completion of my fifth half century, I am smallish, no larger than a two-pound loaf of bread, and I am rarely visible to humans.  Allow me to explain.  For some time we Ruolf’s have been operating under Rye’s Contract of Co-Habitation which mandated that all travel be done in a less than visible state and outlines all sanctioned human interactions, which are regrettably few and far between.  Now don’t get me wrong there have always been sightings, but as we have passed from popular mythology no connections have ever been made, my sincere apologizes to the Brownies who have unwittingly become our fall guys and girls.  This mistake comes from the fact that we also live indoors whenever possible and our deep ties to baking, though most other household chores hold no real interest for us.  You see we Ruolf’s are sustained on a hearty diet of bread, pastry, and assorted baked goods it has been this way since we were first able to help ourselves to the controlled fires of humankind.  As such we can, if necessary, rough it on the grains themselves however if given the choice a Ruolf will always choose bread.  As we are constantly cautioned against befriending humans many Ruolf living arrangements are never noticed by their larger roommates.  The only fool-proof way to determine if you have been visited by one of my kindred is through a keen sense of smell.  

If you have ever baked from scratch you might have an idea what smell I am referring to, but if not let me elaborate.  This smell is a perfect mixture of butter, sugar, and warmth, the only comparable smell that I have found is that of warm iced sweet rolls.  Smelling a Ruolf while baking is a sure sign that all is well in you kitchen as we have become quite the connoisseurs, and while we can choose to go unseen we have no control of this aroma which only gets stronger if we are hungry or happy, both signs of a delicious meal in the oven.   

However, in today’s world of carb consciousness we have had to spread ourselves rather thin.  I now go months without spotting any fellow breadies  as I travel.  I see this to be directly correlated to the lack of bread making in the home, I’m not placing blame mind you just stating my observations.  With Ruolf’s becoming increasingly rare I am now breaking the rules and reaching out even if only humankind receives my message at least we will be known again.