It was still difficult to think of the King with another daughter, and as soon as he was given leave he would get to the bottom of it, but as it was he currently had his hands full. Landon had wanted to run after the girl with the eyes but had stayed at Auria’s request as she entered the lady’s forage.  While he had gone to great lengths to appear unconcerned on the surface Auria failed outright as Fierya walked back out carrying a blade bare in her hands.

“What have you done,” Auria practically screamed.  “Do you know how unusual and for the most part unseemly it is for a woman to carry a, a, well that’s nearly a sword.”

“This is nothing like a sword,” Fierya replied without concern.  “A sword is heavy and useful only against armor; this is light and can be used for anything, if you know how to use it.”

Landon was shocked to his core and from the look of his secondary guard something had to be done before the girl was believed infirm.  “If she knows how to use it,” he began talking to Auria but asking the question of Fierya.

“For three full years I have been at master level,” she said.

“Then I suggest as she can not be seen carrying it as such through the market place we guards will take up your baskets so they…remain safe.”  It sounded lame even to him, but in his defense he would never have expected a King’s daughter to choose that out of any line up.

“I think that only makes sense and honestly mine is getting rather heavy already,” Auria said as she handed her basket to the quiet guard who more often than not had his head down.  “Since that’s settled,” she sighed dramatically, “we really must find some placed to get you a scabbard or something to cover it with, and I can get a quiver to match my fletching.”

Landon held his hand out for the basket which Fierya pushed at him and then slowly gave the blade handle first to him as well before quickly walking away while hissing, “Here you better hide it fast wouldn’t want anyone to know.”

Landon swallowed as the acidity of her words ran through him, but before moving on he looked at the blade.  It reached from the palm of his hand to the crook of his arm, was curved into a crescent moon shape, and was the color of spun cooper, but very solid.  Unsure he placed it in the basket and followed three steps behind.


Auria stopped at the first tanners she found it was at the end of the row and looked like it would be full of antiques and unique pieces, which was something she always prized.  “This looks like a good place to find a quiver and a sheath of some kind for the blade.”  Distaste colored her words as she continued, “You must cover a blade that size even if you can use it.”

“If it’s for protection why would anyone want something ornate getting in the way when you draw it?”

“Then we shall just have to hope it never needs used,” Landon answered from the rear of the group.

Fierya sighed at the thought of covering the craftsmanship, but followed Auria without protest.

She had tried to wait patiently while Auria shifted through piles of colored leather searching for the appropriate one for her quiver, but she soon found herself wondering away from the group.  Fierya had looked through bins of scabbards, but not one suited her anthame.  Just as she had decided to give up and find her way back to Auria she noticed a section of out of fashion styles.  Behind many heavy and cumbersome leather pieces hanging on the wall was a woman’s sword belt.  The belt was made form a thick slice of sueded leather worked with interwoven fall colored throngs.  Fierya placed the belt around her in a way that caused it to angle at her hip, and stood testing its restrictions.