It was mid morning the next day before a knock sounded at Auria’s door, and she was quickly upon it.  “Father?”  Obvious disappointment laced Auria’s voice as she let him in and a slight flush rose past her collar.

“Not who you expected?” Dronocum asked in amusement with a half-smile crossing his face.

“I know you better than you must think I do; Landon has to be here or we would not be going.”  Auria nodded with an all-knowing look that bordered on smug.

He grinned but only said, “I come to beg a favor and…to offer a distraction,” looking first to Fierya then to Auria.  Once he had both of their attentions he began in earnest.  “First, since you have great skill with your stitches I had hoped that you might consent to making something for me.”  It was barely a request more of a compliment, but Fierya nodded and looked thoughtful no doubt what would require her brand of stitching.  “Good then all will be here when you return.”

Auria now lounging near the fire perked up immediately, “Return?” she asked with her eyebrows raised in mock surprise.

“Have you forgotten that you are to travel but shortly and be long away daughter?  Where else might you need to go but to market where all can be in your grasp?”  Drono opened his arms in a grand gesture with a wide smile upon his lips.  Which was in direct contrast to the O of wonder written all over Auria.  “Besides it shall accomplish two very important things at once for me; keeping you from building up clouds of distracting nervous energy and out from under foot and overly watchful eyes.”

“How will you ever accomplish the later of your list watchful eyes will most defiantly see my banner?”

Drono cast a sly glance at the door before turning to face the quiet red-head to say, “I had an idea.”