Chapter Five

He could still feel the surge of anger that Haddie had awoken in him at the end of dinner.  However, it was something else that had a hold of his attention, and it was more than the barely controlled rage building inside of eldest daughter.  That, Drono could feel beating against his right side like an open flame.  He kept easy conversation going about the weather and such while his mid continued to search deeper into the mess he had made of the night.  The idea of how bad things had actually gotten made his stomach turn, but it had been enlightening.  Fierya might be his child, but the rash straight forwardness was something he could only dream of…and her abilities.  The Essence be merciful if any one ever found out about what she could do.  Haddie had been at the other end of the table and within seconds she had more out of her than he had managed in all of their years together. Dronocum shifted back into conscious conversation as the small group neared the doorway of Auria’s rooms.

The second that she saw the familiar hallway Fierya began slowly removing herself from Drono’s side, no easy task when you consider the man was deep in conversation with both his daughter and himself.  Just as she had made the final move to distance herself from the others she felt him react.

His head shot to the side as Fierya released his arm and pivoted, sending the edge of her burgundy skirt up against his leg.  “Fierya,” the word had slipped out before he had given himself to time to consider what to say next.  She stared back at him unflinching waiting for any excuse to lose what restraint she had.  “That dress suits you very well.  Did you make it yourself?”  Drono hoped that he had covered the surprise in his voice.

“Yes I did; it was for the Winter Solstice.  It may not be fitting for royalty,” at these words she allowed her eyes to trace back down the hall as if she would find Haddie spying around the coroner on them, “but it’s mine.”

While that answered one question he knew there were more  catching the concerned look lurking in the shadows of Auria’s eyes.  “Well since dinner went so well,” Drono said with good humor smiling as Auria nearly tripped on the hem of her dress at his comment, “I thought I would wait till we were alone to let you know what’s really going on in three days.”  Holding up his now Fierya free hand he continued, “You will both be named officially, and then will go to the Phlox for training as you are both of age.”  Just as he had hopped Auria seemed flushed with excitement, and for once he thought Fierya looked hopeful.