The room looked inviting and comfortable with the candles and full table.  He had arrived early to compose himself and to clear his mind.  When the door opened he expected the girls, but instead Haddie entered in a formal sky blue gown.

“It’s just dinner Haddie,” Dronocum teased.

“It’s never just dinner Drono, besides a meal with the King is always an event.”

At that moment the girls walked in and he realized an instant too late what had happened.  Today was a court day and he was dressed befitting his title, Haddie had echoed his court attire, and though Auria did not wear a gown she was dressed as a princess.  However, Fierya was dressed like a child of the Umbel.  Drono spared only a second to shoot Haddie a look of extreme distaste before breaking the silence, “Let’s eat then talk, conversations always seem to go better with dessert than with soup.”

Fierya was crestfallen.  It was obvious she did not belong here.  She didn’t blame anyone; Auria had even offered her a court dress: but she had not accepted, wanting the comfort of home not the fashions of nobles.  So she had worn the solstice gown she had sown with her own hands.  It was this realization that finally comforted Fierya finally lifting her head, eyes pinning Haddie to her seat, and nodded consent to Dronocum.