Once again Haddie had been sulking in her rooms, but not Dronocum, no, he was busy doing something he would not talk about, yet.  However, late in the morning Drono had sent her something that had made the not knowing much more bearable.  He had sent her favorite seamstress to her rooms with the only limitation that what ever she had made must be formal.  Though the dress was only partly an apology she took full advantage of his giving mood.

The woman may have ten of the nimblest fingers in town, but she was rather set in past fashions.  It was not, however, long before Haddie had her in complete agreement to what ever she wanted.  After two hours of decisions the cut, color and decoration were finalized for the sultry midnight and sapphire blue ball gown complete with crystal beading.  The woman had hurried away opened mouthed at the deadline, only four days away, and that was if you counted the rest of today.

Smiling to herself Haddie allowed her mind to travel to the surprise gathering that was four nights way as a woman sat twisting her white locks into a coif that when done, and stuck with jeweled sticks would resemble the crown she wanted so badly.  She knew why he said she could not be his Queen, he had already lost too much to the title, but she always suspected that it was something else.  However, she had accomplished quiet a bit even without the official title including her ladies in wait, who were more than wiling to help her in every way.  Haddie stopped her silent musing with a tea cake halfway between the plate and her mouth as the door to her garden opened wide.  A young page entered and bowed with bright eyes which absorbed everything.

“Lady-Consort Haddilyn a message from the King.”

She replaced the cake and put on her mask which showed her to be both unconcerned and bored.  “Continue.”

“His Highness sends his word to his lady that he will hold dinner in the private hall at dusk, and asks if she would give him the pleasure of her company.”

“You may tell him that I shall see him soon.”  Haddie raised her hand in dismissal.  She rose her refreshments forgotten and collected her women from their various tasks with one statement.  “We have three hours before dinner.”  While the women surrounded Haddie in a cloud of perfume, make-up, and cloth the majority of her mind was on the girl.  It was ten to one that she would be there as well and she would not be missing that conversation for anything.