Chapter Three

“I don’t even know who you are and already I hate you, you who are so full of mystery that no one will even breathe a word as to what it is you  are doing here.  Father won’t even tell me a thing.  All he says is that I have done more than he could have hoped.  What ever that means, all I did is what anyone would know to do for a person with a fever, but why should a fever patient stay in my rooms, it’s not as if I ever had the patience for the sick room.  Though truly I would have sworn that you were a salamander taken human form the way you cut through the ice presses.  It’s as if you lay there and will yourself dead…Fierya.

That’s right did I forget to mention that while I know nothing about where you come from or why you’re here I do know something, your name.  Well Fierya, it’s been days three to be exact that you’ve been here, and I don’t care who you are no one gets to grow roots in my room.  Get up and get out you useless lazy clout!”

“My regards to the King’s wake up call, but do be quiet.”  The response had been quiet but filled with anger that the simple words could not conceal.  She slowly sat up looking much worse for her days abed and stared directly at the other girl.  “I do hope you are talking to yourself or perhaps you have found yourself most decidedly in the wrong place.  I am Magalis, and my roots go deeper than you could imagine.”

Curiosity won out over anger and the dark-haired girl returned to talking to the other.  “You’re awake, good now you can answer my questions, Fierya.”

“I told you I am Magalis not this Fierya.  Now where am I?”

“Where are you?  You are in the exact same place you’ve been for three days, in my room,” as this was met with only a confused look she continued, “at the palace.  Do you truly not remember?”  Turning slightly to the side she spoke more to herself than the girl in bed, “how can I find anything out if you don’t know yourself?”  She sat down hard on a cushioned chair, between the door and the bed, thinking and watching the other.  The other girl sat propped up by pillows not looking at herself, at all, only the room.  As she watched the girl’s survey her eyes went wide remembering how terrified her father and Haddie had been that night.  Unsure but determined she started slowly, “Um…what did you say your name was, Magalis?  I’ve never heard such a name before where are you from?”

“Well that I can answer,” the other girl said as she turned from looking out the window her eyes sliding past the large mirror, “I am from the Umbel near the Lakes.”

“Then why would you be here,” the question was out of her mouth before she had finished the thought.

The girl’s face flushed in anger, “Talking to Dronocum about where I should stay…”

“How dare you!  No one names the King.  You, you insolent girl.”  She was on her in a flash, “I don’t know who Magalis is but you’re Fierya now!”  As she finished her sentence she forced the girl to meet the looking-glass her eyes had avoided earlier.  The results were not what she had expected as the girl’s scream echoed off the walls piercing the castle; Dronocum was there before she stopped.

As he entered the room she turned on him.  “What have you and you’re she bitch done?”

He stood stunned, though he had never felt anything but cold dislike for Haddie he had never voiced his opinion and the truth of the statement held him captive, and the anger more than worried him.  He tried to sound calm but her emotions beat against his resolve, “You were at dinner with me do you remember?  We were talking about names…”

“Spit it out or I’ll rip it from you!”

He knew this to be no idle threat so he did the quickest thing he could, he opened his mind to her as he had to Talis.  Before it was over he was on his knees with tears in his eyes.  Fierya paid him no head as she rose from the bed looking only at the glass.


“How can I think to know child?”  He was slowly standing the tears still dancing in his eyes.  She shook her head as if trying to physically clear it, and turned to look at the other girl.  “You are my sister by Dronocum.”  There was no question in her voice, just an unloading of truth.  She then reached out and touched the smooth surface fully disproving any illusions as she scanned herself, “I need to bathe, no,” she quickly cut off the others, “I’m sure I can manage.”  She swiftly went to her trunk and gathered a bundle running into the other room without a backward glance.

With Fierya gone a spell seemed to break as everything suddenly clicked in the girl left staring at where the angry girl had been standing.  “She’s my what,” Aria demanded as she faced her father, “How could you not tell who she was before she woke up?  How…”

“How could you not know?  She has my eyes and you must have heard the talk.  Please,” it was the first time she had heard him so exhausted, “come to dinner tonight we all need to talk.”  He moved as if to touch her arm then stopped his hand floating in the space between them, “Auria, I never meant to hurt you.”  Then he was gone.