He had been running full tilt since the watchful eyes of the palace guard had faded into the night. Fear had driven him out, but it was the guilt, which was turning his stomach, that guided his feet towards the most eastern edge of his city.  He stopped short before a path lined by herbal gardens, as if the heavy perfume in the air had weighted his legs.  However, Dronocum knew better than that, no matter what he tried to tell himself, it was fear of the reaction his message would bring which stayed his feet.  Questions whirled through his mind as he paced the front of the path alternating between resolve and despair; when a shadow darker than night stepped into his field of vision.

“What business do you have here,” the shadow demanded.

The sound of metal being drawn from its leather decided him.  “I come to beg an audience with Digitalis.”  Once the words were out there was no taking them back as the shadow had already gestured for him to follow her into the night.